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Insane Leftist Diversity Programs Are A Moral & Intellectual Insult To All Races


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NewScientist Claims Disgust Of Cannibalism Stems From Racism

Seattle English students told it’s ‘white supremacy’ to love reading, writing

Environmental Activist Says Cheese is Racist

Social justice warrior at Arizona State University insists students of color shouldn’t have to be able to write in order to get good grades

Democrats Introduce New Green New Deal Bill Calling Fossil Fuels “RACIST”!

Physics Professor Calls For The Abandonment Of “Quantum Supremacy” As Anti-Racism Measure

If math is racist, then so is every spell-check program, including MS Word

Boston University Professor Says the Term “Legal Vote” is Racist

Professors Call Out Beer And Beethoven As Latest Examples Of Racist Bias

Math Association Say Math “Inherently Carries Human Biases”, Citing Critical Race Theory

Do You Enjoy Beethoven? Then You Must Hate Women, Minorities, The Poor,…

Anti-white “diversity officer” among “fastest-growing careers,” says LinkedIn

UNT Faculty Targeted For Saying Music Theory Isn’t White Supremacist

Smithsonian Institution Explains That ‘Rationality’ & ‘Hard Work’ Are Racist

Rutgers University Declares Grammar ‘Racist’

“It’s For Racists!” – Academics Slam Quantum Computing Article For Using The Term ‘Supremacy’

Spongebob, Tom Brady, & Cow-‘Rape’: The 5 Most Insane Academic Works Of 2019

Triggered College Students Claim Thanksgiving & Other Holidays Are Racist

The Bro-fist is now a Hate Symbol? – YouTube

Professor Says Grading, Good Grammar Are Examples Of White Supremacy

Seattle Schools: Math Is Racist

Not Being Stupid Is ‘Cognitive Privilege’ Now….Which Is Just Like White Privilege

The Latest College Lunacy: Correct English Grammar Is ‘Racist’

University of Washington Professor Says SpongeBob Squarepants is “Racist” and “Violent”

Al-Jazeera Says Not Wanting to Eat Insects is Racist

Halloween is Racist

Libs Claim Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Mascot Racist

Gowdy Takes Apart Argument That Voter ID Laws Are Racist

FYI, Saying ‘men aren’t women’ Now Qualifies as ‘hateful conduct’ on Twitter

Professor: White people who do yoga guilty of ‘power, privilege, and oppression’

Meritocracy Is a ‘Tool of Whiteness,’ Claims Math Professor

Univ. of Wisconsin Defends Racist Campaign

Leftists blast ‘Queer Eye’ star for declaring ‘not all Republicans are racist.’

Obama Supporters Advocate Tearing Down “Racist” Mount Rushmore

Do You favor the BLEED Act, Or Are You a Racist?

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