Biden Sex-Trafficking Network

Is China Pre-Positioning Vast Numbers Of Soldiers & Saboteurs In U.S. For The Coming War?

The Globalist ‘Final Solution’

Julian Assange’s Team Confirmed That Seth Rich Leaked the DNC Emails to Wikileaks

Bitkey is a self-custody bitcoin wallet with an app, hardware, and recovery tools.

Israel KNEW about Hamas’ attack plan more than a year before Oct. 7 massacre but failed to act on it

Chinese Agents Sent Across Mexican Border to Prepare For Attacks on U.S. Soil

The Real Story: The Truth About George Floyd’s Death

Dr. Michael Nehls – The Psychological Degeneration of the Population

Harvard Teaching Hospital To Retract Papers As Falsified Data Scandal Unfolds

Austrian Economics Explained

Dumb: Nikki Haley Parroted Leftist Talking Point Suggesting Climate Change to Blame for Mass Immigration

Blue State Dems Aren’t Hiding It Anymore, Move Closer to Forcing American Homeowners to Shelter Illegals

KGB Defector Lays Out How America Is Being Destabilized Through Disinformation And Subversion

Not all “fossil fuels” are from fossils, so where do they come from?

FBI Stonewalls Over Seth Rich Laptop Production

Is Pursuing Happiness Instead Of Holiness ‘The Plague Of The Church’?

Where Do Demons Come From?

My Take On The “Coming Great Deception”

Dr. Michael Nehls, Author of “The Indoctrinated Brain,” Explains How Global Mind Manipulation Works

Rumors Swirling Trump Mulling Controversial VP Candidate That Tucker Warned Would ‘Poison’ Ticket

Man Clinically Died For Over 10 minutes And Was Told Three Huge Things In Heaven – NDE

Emerald Robinson Encapsulates the Problem With the Republican Establishment

Media Matters’ Confidential Donor List Leaked, Revealing Major Democratic Megadonors

It’s Official! CDC and UK government data reveal the COVID vaccines do not prevent cases, transmission, severe illness or deaths

Watch: “Guerrilla Camps” Set Up By Leftist Groups Assist Cartels In Southern Border Invasion

Digital Purdah as a Solution to Female Internet Brain

Organizations that make up the UN World Government System

Don’t watch sports

To keep Hamas in power, Israel drove suitcases stuffed with CASH into Gaza, new evidence shows

Tucker Carlson: Everything You Have Been Told About George Floyd’s Death Was a Lie

New Court Docs Show George Floyd’s Case Was the Big Lie

Report: Hamas Began Planning Attack on Israel Two Years Ago After Afghanistan

Report: Biden Administration Caught Funding Hamas-Linked Group Just Before War in Israel

4th Generation Devastation: The West Has Been Targeted in a Cowardly Globalist Mind War

FBI Creates ‘MAGA’ Extremist Category, Targets Trump Supporters Ahead Of 2024 Election

If Saying an Election Is “Stolen” and “Rigged” Is Illegal Then All These Democrats Must Be Locked Up

Why was a barricade blocking the only paved road out of Lahaina?

Over 2,400 kids are missing in Maui, but aren’t included in the government’s death toll

Unmasking Bribery Biden’s Secret Catastrophe Unfolding in Alaska — It’ll Cripple the Entire US

How “Fact Checking” Obliterates Truth

Marjorie Taylor Greene Drops Bombshell: CCP is Creating Bioweapons that Target by RACE

Warning America! Gen. Flynn Says Globalists Will Pull “Something” Big Before AZ Audit Goes Public

Mind Control: A Comprehensive Overview

The FBI’s role in the Jan. 6 Capitol fracas is absolutely disgusting

Conservatives Fight Back Against Big Tech With New “Freedom Phone”

Here’s What Happened At Cyber Polygon… And You’re Not Going To Like It

Blackrock is buying up US homes like no tomorrow

Cyber Polygon 2020Official Website

‘We Are Lambs to the Slaughter’: Lara Logan EXPOSES How Digital ‘Human Terrain Maps’ Are Used to MANIPULATE YOU

Report: Pelosi Making Millions Trading on Companies She Regulates

Bombshell! Pentagon Using Obama & Soros-Linked UK Contractor To Weed Out “White Supremacists” In US Military

FBI Special Agent In Charge of Whitmer Kidnap Plot is Arrested For Domestic Violence, Assault With Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm

Why South Africa The First Country Built On Critical Race Theory Failed

EXPOSED: Google’s Ties To Chinese Military

TV News Is the Titanic: Americans Abandon Sinking Ship of Poisonous Partisans

Voting Machines in Pennsylvania’s Fulton County Decertified After Audit

COVID Vaccine Maker Johnson & Johnson To Pay $26 Billion As Settlement For Causing Opioid Epidemic

Fulton County, Georgia Recount Included 60% Error Reporting Rate — THOUSANDS of Fraudulent Biden Votes

‘Microaggression’ Studies, Rooted in Macro Subjectivity

Is the FBI Trying to Create a New Generation of ‘Hitler Youth’ or What?

Bioethicist Slams California for Considering Assisted Suicide for Those With Dementia

As Ireland considers assisted suicide, study finds 72% who ‘wish to die’ change their minds

Gen. Tom McInerney: Here’s Why the Chinese Top Intel Head Defected to the DIA, NOT the CIA or FBI

“If I Suicide Myself, I Was Murdered” – John McAfee Warned CIA Wanted To Kill Him Before His Death

When the FBI Framed Four Innocent Men

Democrats Continue To Lock Up And Torture Political Prisoners In Washington D.C.

CENSORSHIP! Book Review On The Harm of Gender Dysphoria Removed

Non-Profit Founded by BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Fails to Disclose at Least $175,000 in Donations to IRS

China hacking and penetration of critical U.S. infrastructure systems worse than previous thought

Video Uncovered of China Professor Claiming US Elites Teamed Up with China to Take Control of America

UN’s Agenda 21 To Crush Freedom

1 Billion People Are Expected To Join GETTR

Joe Rogan Slams “F***ing Terrible” CNN Hosts; “Everybody Knows They’re Not Real”

The Future Of Smart Tech: How Homes Will Look In 50 Years

The Death of Rational Science 

FBI Has Files From Laptop of Slain DNC Staffer Seth Rich

FBI Data Shows Knives Kill More People Than Rifles

British Airways Coverup: Four Pilots Dead in One Week But Airline Obfuscates on Vaccine Connection

Potato: Brian Stelter’s CNN Show Loses 72% Of Viewers In 2021

Entire Portland Police Rapid Response Team Resigns After Officer Indicted For Breaking Up Antifa Riot

BREAKING: Chinese Defector’s Identity Confirmed, Was Top Counterintelligence Official

Despite Canceling Ollie Robinson For the Exact Same Thing, Media Totally Ignores Megan Rapinoe’s Racist Tweet

Democrats Introduce New Green New Deal Bill Calling Fossil Fuels “RACIST”!

Environmental Activist Says Cheese is Racist

Social justice warrior at Arizona State University insists students of color shouldn’t have to be able to write in order to get good grades

Google continues to track users even after location tracking is turned off

Exposing what ALEC is – and how it’s pushing to make 5G a reality

3 Giant Financial Companies That The Global Elite Use To Control 88% Of The Corporations Listed On The S&P

Reporter Who Exposed Clinton Control of FBI Executed Inside His Home

Chinese STEALTH DRONES surveilling US energy infrastructure

FBI Operatives Likely ‘Unindicted Co-Conspirators’, Organizers Of Capitol Riot: Report

Texas Reporter Who Said ‘Fox Corp.’ Was Muzzling Her During Rogue Live Shot Is Fired, Says Station Tried To Squash Hydroxychloroquine Stories

FBI Operatives Are Part of Organizing the Capitol Riot

Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association Says Whiteness Is “A Malignant, Parasitic-Like Condition”

Wells Fargo Cancels Lauren Witzke’s Bank Account Leaving Her With Zero Balance

No, You Are Not Paying A Higher Relevant Tax Rate Than Billionaires

Minnesota teen issues critical op-ed denouncing use of Latinx

BLM activist charged with anti-Asian hate crime as left blames attacks on ‘White supremacy’

Jim Caviezel Exposes Adrenochrome & Child Sex Trafficking

American Psychoanalytic Association promotes anti-white racism, calls “whiteness” a “parasitic-like condition”

WARNING: Central Bank Digital Currency Will Be 100% Trackable Currency

US Special Forces trained Mexican drug cartels linked to decapitation, torture, rape

Heavily Armed Antifa Militants Block Streets, Attack Drivers While Pointing Guns At Them

The Real Reasons Why California Leftists Are Terrified of The AR-15

124 Retired Military Officers Sound The Alarm: America In ‘Deep Peril’ Of Falling To Marxism

WEF Warns Of Cyber Attack Leading To Systemic Collapse Of The Global Financial System

Gulags are already forming under the Biden regime, with cruel and unusual treatment of protestors who have opposing political views

Big Tech Pouring BILLIONS Into Harvesting Blood Of The Young So Elites Can Live And Rule Forever

Putting Biden’s Gun Control Claims To The Truth Test

BLM Founder Is Branded A ‘Fraud’ After Buying A $1.4 Million Home In An Upscale Mostly White Enclave In LA

Intelligence Sources Say Biggest Threat To U.S. Is Actually U.S. Policy

How The Cia Made Afghanistan Safe For The Opium Trade

Target sells woke prayer book: “Dear God, please help me to hate White people.”

Update From Dr. Greer ” EXPOSING THE “ALIEN THREAT” HOAX.” The Cosmic Threat

Physics Professor Calls For The Abandonment Of “Quantum Supremacy” As Anti-Racism Measure

Border Facility Photos Leak Revealing Hundreds of Children Huddled in “Terrible Conditions”

Connecting the Dots Between Covid-19 and the Not-So-Great Reset [VIDEOS]

Video: Charles Barkley Says ‘Whites and Blacks’ Being ‘Divided & Conquered’ By Elites

Citizens Enlisted To Combat Destructive ‘Weaponization’ Of ‘Woke’ Companies

Is 2021’S Fictional Cyberattack Simulation Prepping Us For A Cyber Pandemic?

Tech Companies Put Billions Into Startups Aiming to Harvest the Blood of Children for Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging

The “Mind Viruses” Creating Social Justice Warriors

Michelle Malkin Rebukes ‘The Left’s War on Whites’ in Scathing Exposé

Canada “Needs Products… In Support Of Response To COVID-19”: Orders “Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines”

Gaslighting: How Leftists Demonize And Demoralize Their Opposition

Nothing To See Here: Microsoft Files Patent To Mine Cryptos Using Human Brain Activity

Michel Foucault, “Woke” Thought Leader, Turned Out To Be A Serial Rapist Of Young Boys

MEDICAL FASCISM: JAMA suspends top editor for speaking out against left-wing lie of “systemic racism”

Russian Foreign Minister Warns of Rising Anti-White Racism in the United States, Says Extreme Political

This Is The Reason Why The “Satan Shoes” Story Is So Important

With Critical Race Theory Back In Vogue, Legal Activists Take Counteroffensive To Courts

Finally: Absolute proof that the FBI launched a bogus operation against Trump’s 2016 campaign using longtime

BREAKING: Project Veritas video reveals makeshift migrant detention facility under BRIDGE

Bill Gates Wants To Read Your Brainwaves To Mine Cryptocurrency

Dept of Education Claims Math is Racist Because It Requires Correct Answer, Urges New ‘Ethnomathematics’

The Weaponization Of A Contagion

Tucker Carlson Delivers a Hilarious Breakdown of Joe Biden’s Presser – RedState

CREEPY Bill Gates strikes again: Windows 10 secretly listens to everything you say and records all your

Worldwide Freedom Protests Millions upon Millions of People Rising Up

Digital Trails: How the FBI Is Identifying, Tracking and Rounding Up Dissidents

Tucker Carlson: Everything the media didn’t tell you about the death of George Floyd

Make your assets INVISIBLE before the govt. LOOTING begins

California Public School Children Could be Forced to Sing Chants to Aztec God of Human Sacrifice

STUPID is the new “progress” … Oregon trying to abolish math, claiming it’s racist

Fall of the Cabal Docuseries

Urban Dictionary bans “Blue Anon” label, proving they are part of the Blue Anon movement that pushes censorship and left-wing conspiracies

HS Student Failed for Being White and Not Apologizing for It – Whatfinger News’ General Dispatch

Under Armour caught forcing white employees to watch anti-white “diversity” propaganda

Don Lemon Loses It in Rant About Black GOP Senator – But Look What He Left Out

Ivy League Colleges Partner With Chinese Health Institutions Tied to Military

Bill Gates Says He Will Force You to Eat Fake Meat

Hollywood Lawyer Claims Greta Thunberg is Writing Letters to Ted Kaczynski

‘Super Straight’ Movement Swells Destroying LGBTQ Identity Politics Game They Created

Cornell University, Pursuing Partnership with China, Can’t Say Whether Beijing is Guilty of Genocide

CCP Has ‘Absolute Disdain for Human Life’

Be aware of Chinese Vaccine Ambitions Part 2

U.S., Major Allies Sanction Chi-Coms for Uighur ‘Genocide’

Jill Biden, the Meghan Markle in the WH, is egregiously guilty of elder abuse – American Thinker

Carol Swain, Former African American Vanderbilt Law Professor, Tells the Dangers of Critical Race Theory

Smoking Gun! Joe Biden’s Dept. of Energy Blocked Texas from Increasing Power Ahead of Killer Storm

Absolute Proof – the Mike Lindell bombshell evidence of election riggin

Liberals Hate White People, Including Themselves, As “Everything Is Racist” Now, Including Math, Correct Answers, And..

All kinds of biological information: Digital vaccine passport plans prompt Orwellian concerns

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Behind ‘Anti-Racist’ Math Push

VIDEO: Texas Demands Governor Abbott Confront Biden For Ordering Power Shut Down

Joe Biden Suggests Blacks and Hispanics Are Too Stupid to Figure Out How to “Get Online” (VIDEO

Bill Gates Aiding Communist China in Harvesting DNA of Americans to Build Race-specific BIOWEAPONS

Anti-white “diversity officer” among “fastest-growing careers,” says LinkedIn

Economist SHREDS Idea Democrats Are Better for Economy than GOP

Exclusive: Unreleased Federal Report Concludes ‘No Evidence’ that Free Speech Online ‘Causes Hate Crimes’

If math is racist, then so is every spell-check program, including MS Word

Communist China now controls America’s energy grid, thanks to Biden

Report: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation linked to Chinese company found to have mined Americans’ data

Hegemony, Counter Hegemony & Gramsci’s War of Position

New Evidence Reveal FBI And NYPD Involvement In Assassination Of Malcom X

Are The Recent UFO Disclosures Setting Us Up For A Mass Deception Of Epic Proportions?

If math is racist, then so is every spell-check program, including MS Word

Coca Cola says: Be less White

Can Democrats be feminist if they don’t believe women exist?

Kids Are Better Off Feral Than Going to Schools That Teach Depravity, Anti-Americanism & Racism

Here’s Why You Should Get Off Facebook Permanently

Brainwashed the DocuMovie Part One

Left-wing policies kill in Texas: Green energy advocacy left millions vulnerable in deadly storm

We Are Witnessing A Last Minute Mass Exodus Before The Final Collapse Of Our Major Cities

Chinese American Civil Rights Group Denounces Critical Race Theory: ‘A Hateful Fraud’

The Great Reset, Part V: Woke Ideology

Harvard/Harris Poll: Americans More Concerned Over Summer Violence Than January 6 Riot

 Massive 78% of Mail-In Ballots Proved Fraudulent, Judge Orders Election Do-Over

City student passes 3 classes in four years, ranks near top half of class with 0.13 GPA

Woke Culture Comes After Racist School Subject Called Math

Democrats Pass What Could Be Called the “Kill Black People Act”

California inmates forcibly sterilized because ‘it’s cheaper than welfare’

Revealed: How Facebook Plans to Read Your Brain

New Mexico Dem governor spent taxpayer cash on groceries, booze: report

An absurd look at the Marxist, ultra-woke “education” system in 202

Marcuse-Anon: Cult Of The Pseudo-Intellectua

Harvard has extensive financial ties to Chinese Communist Part

Big Brother Is Spying On You In Thousands Of Ways, And All Of That Info Now Goes Into Centralized “Fusion Systems

Cornell Law Professor Creates Online Database Of 220 Universities Teaching Critical Race Theory To Help Parents Choose Colleges That Don’t Make The ‘Racist Ideology’ Mandatory

Many “journalists” today are just tattletale thought police

SHOCKING: Non-sedated human beings “scream with all their might in sheer agony,” China’s on-demand…

Here’s a full list of known celebrities who supported the pedophile-ridden Lincoln Project

STRATCOM commander sounds the alarm bell, says nuclear war “very real possibility” with Russia or China

AOC is the new Jussie Smollett she LIED about the events of Jan. 6th in order to push more victimhood

Bill Gates Goes Full Captain Planet, Wants To Change ‘Every Aspect Of Economy’ While We Dine On Fake Meat

The Thirteen Phase Plan To Complete The Overthrow Of America Nears Completion

Economists and Psychologists Are Weaponizing Psychology and the Idea of “Rationality”

FCC sued for dismissing evidence that wireless technology can have serious effects on health

Xi Orders Chinese Army To “Be Ready To Fight At Any Second”

Lin Wood drops major bombshells: Entire world controlled by pedophile extortion and blackmail schemes, ensnaring top influencers like Justice Roberts

Your Search History Will Determine Your Financial Credit Score In Future, Says IMF

Video: International Expert on China Describes Deeper Effort by Communists to Influence the 2020 Election

WikiLeaks Data Dump

The CIA’s declassified UFO documents are now all available online

FEMA Ordered 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles and Guillotines – Why Are Modern Guillotines On Military Bases Throughout North America?

Would You Be Considered A Domestic Terrorist Under This New Bill?

Tulsi Gabbard sounds the alarm on the Left’s push to create a KGB-style police state to monitor Americans

Situation Update, Jan. 28th – The Biden / globalist agenda to DELETE humanity through global extermination

The left keeps accusing conservatives of “The Big Lie” – a term invented by Hitler as he prepared to persecute German Jews

Teachers Union President Declares In-Person Instruction, Teen Suicides Caused By Lockdowns Are ‘White Privilege’

BLM Supporter Who Posted About Her White Children’s “Privilege” Charged with Homicide in Death of…

Very Detailed Explanation of the Great Reset and the New World Order

Pence Is A Pedophile and Implicated With Democrats In Seth Rich Death

Now You Know Why Obama Was Buying So Much Ammunition For The Post Office And Other Federal Agencies

After Bill Ayers bombed the U.S. Capitol building, Ayers hosted a fundraiser for Barack Obama

PBS Fires Attorney Caught by Project Veritas Saying Republicans Should Be Placed in ‘Re-Education Camps’

50 Hollywood Hypocrites Who Loved Violent Black Lives Matter, Condemn Capitol Riots

28 times media and Democrats excused or endorsed violence committed by left-wing activists

1776 Report On America Joe Biden Deleted The Instant He Became President

Before His First Day Is Out, Beijing Biden Nukes 8,000 Union Jobs

Democrat Governor Charged For Poisoning Children

Bill Gates Buying Up Huge Amount of Farmland While ‘Great Reset’ Tells Americans Future is No Private Property

Five ways to loosen Big Tech’s grip on your life

Peter Navarro releases mind-blowing third volume of report regarding depth of 2020 election fraud

Here Is The Evidence

Blacks are superior to whites? Biden’s civil-rights pick has shocking, bizarre beliefs

Marxism-Leninism Is the Worst Rubbish in Western Civilization

ANTIFA Activist Daniel Alan Baker Arrested For Plotting To MURDER Trump Supporters…Says He ‘Received Soros Money’ In Youtube Video

Report: Democrat fundraising group ‘ActBlue’ has terrorist ties

DNI Ratcliffe details how China influenced the 2020 election while the intel community deep state worked to cover it up

Woman Thought to Be Behind Violent 1983 Bombing of Capitol Was a Big Player in Democrats’ Favorite Organization:…

Biden Shamed Into Refunding Barbara Boxer Donation After She Registers w/ Chinese Spy Firm

Socialists Claim Their System Is Morally Superior. They’re Wrong!

Lincoln Project Founder Accused Of ‘Grooming Young Men’ And ‘Rape’

Left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald exposes the diversity scam run by Democrats

CIA Conspiracy to Flood Black Communities with Crack Exposed in Explosive Netflix Documentary

FLASHBACK: Nancy Pelosi Called for ‘Uprisings’ Against the Trump Administration

University of Dallas student denied internship solely for being white

Biden and Fauci will “save” America from covid-19 as FDA prepares to fix PCR tests, eliminating millions of false…

University of Florida town hall bans white students from participating

Attorney Lin Wood: ‘Chief Justice John Roberts Is COMPROMISED & Must Resign NOW’ – News Punch

Situation Update – Nashville a data wipeout operation new details

It’s Not The Same RV! Official Narrative Of Nashville “Suicide Bomber” Melts Away

Facebook Fact-Checker Struck Deal with Communist China-Linked Social Media Company

Woke activists diss Helen Keller for her ‘privilege’ — yes, THAT Helen Keller

BLM Protesters Disrupt Christmas-Themed Fundraiser For Sick Kids

‘Dr.’ Jill Biden’s ‘dissertation’ was unbelievably awful

The Elitist NYC Dalton School Is Having A Racial Policy Meltdown

‘Unprecedented’: Pentagon Cuts Support to CIA Counterterrorism Ops

Snopes get “Snoped”

TREASON: GA Gov. Kemp and CA Gov. Newsom bought off by communist China in covid supplies kickback and money laundering schemes

Tucker Carlson Schools the Liberal Media on Their Love of Communist, Murderous China

Justin Trudeau welcomed Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases

Nihilism: The Zeitgeist of Our Age

Former Special Forces Officer Warns Of ‘Color Revolution Tactics’ Used Against Trump

California’s Highest-Paid Govt Employee Worked for Org Tied to Communist Chinese Espionage

Media Elites Now Openly Confirm They Don’t Believe In Objectivity

Ten Disturbing Facts About Justice Scalia’s Death

Facebook “Fact-Checker” Lead Stories Funded By Controversial Chinese Company That Owns TikTok

Patriots, prepare for war – without multiple favorable judgements for President Trump, Joe Biden is going to be sworn in and leftists want all Conservatives punished and/or dead

“We Need Grown Ups In The Room”: NY Post Op-Ed Slams Leftist Policies That Led To 2020’s Violent Crime Surge

The Left’s Gender Theories Are Anti-Scientific Nonsense, but They’re Gaining Ground

Why religion is first freedom protected by the First Amendment

Christianity Is Harmful, Must Be Criminalized, Suggests Amnesty International

“Free Speech Is Being Weaponized”: Columbia Dean And New Yorker Writer Urges More Censorship

‘Imprisoned, Tortured, Harassed, Blackmailed And Stalked’: AP Investigation Uncovers Rampant Sexual Misconduct Within FBI

#CNNRAW: Project Veritas Releases More Unedited CNN Conference Calls About COVID, Climate Change & Mail-in Ballots

PayPal hired Mashable to destroy a small business with opposing political views

Soros Pick for LA District Attorney Sworn In, Immediately Ends Cash Bail, Pushes Back On Death Penalty Cases

We’re drowning in the lies of the left – here are just 9 of them

Respected Senator Charles Grassley: Biden Family Acted as Chinese Foreign Agents in Corrupt Business Deal

BREAKING: “Operation Scorecard” CIA-run vote theft software was running in EVERY swing state……

Marine Le Pen ‘Absolutely Does Not Recognize’ Biden Victory

‘The Great Reset’ For Dummies

Flashback: Biden Brags About Having “Most Extensive And Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization”

Like Cruel Scientists Who Torture Dogs, the Democrats Want to Teach Us Learned Helplessness

Philly Steal: Registered Democrat Warns Of “Coup Against POTUS”

Social Ills That Plague African-Americans Coincide With Leftism, Not Racism

Trump Supporters Question Why Biden Has So Many More Votes Than Democratic Senators in Swing States

BOMBSHELL: FBI knew sub-source for Steele dosser was a Russian operative, but they lied to FISA court anyway

Rockefeller plan details government takeover through pandemic martial law

Shocking Senate report says Bidens bought $100k worth of “extravagant items” with credit cards linked to China

The Buffalo News Admits the Unmentionable: Nearly All Fatal/Non-Fatal Gun Violence in the City (And America) Is Perpetrated By Black People

The George Floyd documentary

Why Antifa’s ‘Communists’ Are Actually Fascists

Mexican journalist exposes Joe Biden for signing compact that created influx of child trafficking, immigrant children in cages

Confronting And Combating Cultural Marxism In 2020

Hunter Biden Email Reveals the CCP-NBA Affiliation

Netflix Sees Subscriptions Drop by 800% Following ‘Cuties’ Backlash

Martenson: We Are Pawns In A Bigger Game Than We Realize

Possible Leaked Roadmap for the Next Phase of the NWO Agenda

San Francisco Board Passes ‘CAREN Act’ to Punish ‘Entitled White Women’ Who Call 911 On Non-Whites

Muslim “Scholar” Says Beheading of French Teacher Was Somehow “Justified” Under Sharia Law

Blockbuster Report Reveals How Biden Family Was Compromised By China

California Threatens To Arrest 12-Year-Old For Missing 3 Zoom Classes

Facebook Whistleblower Exposes “Hate-Speech Engineering” Group, Staffed With Chinese Nationals; NYPost

Unemployment 59% Higher in Democrat States Than Republican States

University of Minnesota lecture features 12 step recovery program for whiteness

FBI = Disinformation

The American Revolution – The Sequel

The “Titanic” Analogy You Haven’t Heard: Passively Accepting Oblivion

Muslim “Scholar” Says Beheading of French Teacher Was Somehow “Justified” Under Sharia Law

Blockbuster Report Reveals How Biden Family Was Compromised By China

Mailchimp Will Now Deactivate Accounts Sending ‘False, Inaccurate, Or Misleading’ Emails

Federal Judge Drops Massive Bomb on Clinton Foundation, Reveals IRS Cover Up — Judge Blows Roof Off Protection Racket in Moynihan & Doyle $2.5 BILLION Case Against Clinton’s

DNI Declassifies Brennan Notes; Briefed Obama On Intelligence That Hillary Clinton Concocted Trump-Russia Allegations

Is The Pussification Of America’s Youth Scientifically Engineered?

CIA Asked FBI To Investigate If Hillary Clinton Approved Plot To Create Russia Hoax Against Trump

Biden Transition Team Member Worked With CCP Officials For Over a Decade

Do You Enjoy Beethoven? Then You Must Hate Women, Minorities, The Poor,…

Treason? New York Times calls for U.N. takeover of America

Project Veritas exposes CO Dem Party Exec calling for VIOLENT STREET WAR and #ArmedRevolution

ANOTHER Democratic candidate reportedly caught on camera seeking sex with 14-year-old boy

25 NIGHTMARE things that will happen if Joe Biden wins the election

Video Surfaces Of Biden Calling Troops “Stupid Bastards” When They Won’t Clap

The Satanic Temple Is In Fact Emblematic Of The Leftist Worldview

The New York Times and Washington Post both have financial ties to China, enabling communist manipulation of America’s corrupt, dishonest news giants

How is this not illegal? Robert Mueller’s team wiped nearly 30 cellphones to get rid of any incriminating evidence

Douglas Murray Calls on silent majority to raise its voice against woke mob before it is too late

HHS spokesman Caputo warns: “Buy ammunition,” Democrats planning insurrection

Human Hunting

RBG was an “intellectually dishonest” enemy of the Constitution – and more

Trump Strikes A Second Major Blow Against ‘Critical Race Theory’

Hyperinflation, Fascism, & War: How The New World Order May Be Defeated Once More

FBI Agent Who Discovered Hillary’s Emails On Weiner Laptop Claims He Was Told To Erase Computer

FBI Agent Who Found Weiner Laptop With Clinton Emails Says FBI Leadership Ordered Him to Erase His Findings

China Is Spying On Millions Of People: And They Aren’t In China

FLASHBACK: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Admits Roe v. Wade Was Passed to Stop ‘Growth in Populations That We Don’t Want to Have Too Many Of’

The 10 Most Extreme “Critical Race Theory” Classes & Trainings At US Colleges

Is Trump Using JCPOA To Break The UN Before It Breaks Him?

“Massive Corruption By The Obama-Biden Administration”: Flynn Family Responds To FBI Text Message Revelations

Social Justice 101: Everything You Need To Know About the Left’s New Religion, Critical Theory

Netflix’s “Cuties”: It’s Not The First Attempt By Hollywood To Normalize Pedophilia

DHS Proposes Massive Expansion Of “Biometric Modality” Collection

Why Did The Mueller Team Wipe their Phones?

DHS Proposes Massive Expansion Of “Biometric Modality” Collection

Vox Accuses Beethoven’s Fifth of Being a ‘Symbol of Superiority and Importance’ For Wealthy White Men

Top Hollywood Actress Exposes Growing Trend of Raping Babies

Google ‘Geofence’ Warrants Keep Locking Up Innocent People Who Were In Proximity Of A Crime Scene

California Legislature Passes Bill Reducing Penalties for Oral, Anal Sex with Willing Children

Ex-Free Mason Details What’s Coming: If He’s Right, Things Are Going To Get BRUTAL!

Trump’s “secret weapon” revealed: Fourteenth Amendment allows the President to strip Electoral College votes from states supporting censorship against voters; enables mass arrests of mayors, governors and judges who support BLM

Former NSA Director Who Oversaw Spying Program Joins Amazon’s Board Of Directors

Ten Great Deceptions Designed to Destroy the Republic

A Guide To Avoiding ‘The Road To Serfdom’: David Goggins Versus FA Hayek

Bombshell: Former Deputy WH Chief of Staff Zach Fuentes Debunks ‘The Atlantic’ Fake News Hit Piece Against President Trump

How To Protect Your Children From Indoctrination

A Guide To Avoiding ‘The Road To Serfdom’: David Goggins Versus FA Hayek

50 Years of Joe Biden’s Racist Comments [Video]

CIA Child Snuff Survivor Speaks Out

I met expats overseas who are absolutely thriving

Michelle Obama’s Influence Over Netflix Led to Release of Pro-Pedo Movie ‘Cuties’

Deep State Missile Attack on Air Force one?

87 Politicians Exposed For Their “Horrific” Crimes Against Children

Pedophile sickos at Netflix launch new film called “Cuties” that features 11-year-old girls TWERKING

San Francisco Sen. Scott Wiener Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Men Having Sex With Boys

Hillary Clinton Gave Ghislaine Maxwell’s Nephew “Very Powerful” Position At State Department: Report

Study Links Rampant Victimhood, Virtue Signaling to ‘Dark Triad’ Personalities

7 steps you can take to defend your privacy from Big Tech spies

California to Allow Gay Men Having Sex With Minors to Avoid Sex Registry If Judge Agrees

Trump Is A Humanitarian To All Races!

New Jersey Is Becoming The Most Hated State As Households Flee In Record Numbers

The Fatal Attraction Of Techo-Fascism

The Attempt To Overthrow America

The Creepy Line

Watch: Biden Supporters Steal 7-Year-Old Boy’s MAGA Hat, Attack His Mother

Study of 3 top medical journals reveals that many medications, medical products and services are completely INEFFECTIVE

Conservative Journalist Arrested & Jailed Ahead Of ‘ShadowGate’ Documentary Release

What your smart devices know (and share) about you

FEMA camps gearing up to provide necessary “slave wage” labor to U.S. corporations as manufacturing returns to America

San Francisco Sen. Scott Wiener Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Men Having Sex With Boys

BOMBSHELL: Kamala Harris covered up sex abuse crimes of priests, buried records, and took cash from church officials

FBI reportedly ignored mountains of evidence against pedophile Jeffrey Epstein including allegation Bill Clinton was with “2 young girls” on island

Federal Grand Juror Hoppy Heidelberg Exposes Oklahoma City Bombing False Flag Operation

Kamala Harris Endorses Website That is Drowning in “White Hate”

Noted environmentalist apologizes for the ‘climate scare’

Digital prepping: How to keep your personal data

13 of 15 statues Democrats want removed from the U.S. Capitol for racist ties were Democrats

Revealed: The anti-police narrative is easily destroyed by actual facts and statistics

Police Quit Agreements to Provide Security at DNC Convention

Black Faculty at Columbia Demand School ‘Unlearn Whiteness’

Mysterious Drone Swarm Breached Secure Airspace Over Largest Nuclear Power Plant In US

Cover-Up Continues: Revisiting The Incident At Benghazi 

Records Of Prince Andrew’s Location On Night Of Molestation Destroyed By Police

Slater: How leftists provoke violence with cops

Thousands of guillotines pre-positioned across America for left-wing terrorists to execute conservatives, Christians and Whites

Government Uses Psy-ops, Trolls, Propaganda to Push “Conformity”

The Myth Of The Failure Of Capitalism

Unsealed Court Docs Suggest Bill Clinton Was On Epstein’s Pedo Island With “2 Young Girls”

What Hitler’s Youth Have In Common With 2020 “Education” In The US

Democrats Planning Coup to Overthrow America on Election Night 2020: Watch Live

NBA Legend Charles Barkley Blasts Black Celebrities For Racism Against Whites and Anti-Semitic Remarks…”I’m so disappointed in these men” [VIDEO]

University Researcher Forced Out For Highlighting Facts Showing No Racial Bias In Police Shootings

Facebook Deplatforms Former Employee Who Questioned BLM/Diversity Narrative

Attorney Demanding Another Prosecution of Roger Stone Had Argued For Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein To Be Exonerated

US authorities uncover massive, nationwide weapons trafficking ring run by communist China to arm Black Lives Matter terrorists with powerful weapons of war

New ‘Unwoke’ Job Website Lists Jobs for Regular Americans, Not Left Wing Activists

What Nietzsche Really Meant by ‘God Is Dead’ and Why That Matters Today

Planned Parenthood Admits Running Fetal Chop Shop for Profit, Harvesting Parts From Babies Born Alive

Michigan Passes Controversial Bill To Microchip Humans Voluntarily “To Protect Their Privacy”

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: Biden 2020 Senior Adviser Anita Dunn’s Favorite Philosopher: China’s Communist Homicidal Maniac Chairman Mao Zedong Who Killed 80 Million Of His Own People

Ex-Jewel Thief Claims Epstein And Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Forced Him To Watch Pedo Videos Involving US Politicians’

“I Could Live With That”: How The CIA Made Afghanistan Safe For The Opium Trade

The Groupthink Pandemic

FBI Agents Knew Michael Flynn ‘Was not Acting as an Agent of Russia’, New Evidence Reveals

Before ‘takedown’ of General Flynn, he was planning to audit John Brennan for running billions ‘off the books’

RAW TRUTH: Why 97% of lives really DON’T matter at all to the future of humanity

Cotton: Woke Left Allowing ‘Evil’ China To Get Away With Forced Abortion, Concentration Camps

Ex-Reddit CEO Claims She Knew About Ghislaine Maxwell “Supplying Underage Girls For Sex” In 2011 – Then Locks Twitter Account

Thousands of guillotines pre-positioned across America for left-wing terrorists to execute conservatives, Christians and Whites in the unfolding CIVIL WAR

Democrats Now Burning Books Like Nazis

Central Mueller Witness, A Child-Trafficking Pedophile, Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

In college, Joe Biden was known to be a pedophile – DC Dirty Laundry

Judicial Watch Just Blew The Roof Off The Benghazi Cover Up

WATCH: Some Whites may ‘have to die’ for betterment of Black community, says college employee

German authorities knowingly placed children with pedophile foster fathers for 30 years

TWO MORE Bernie Staffers Promote ‘Extreme Action’ & Property Destruction

 Has The FBI Been Lying About Seth Rich?

Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”, Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon

Absurdistan – Pedophile Released From Jail Because “He” Now ‘Identifies’ As A “She”

Minnesota college helps ‘white students only’ deal with ‘the nasty little racist inside them’  

The Fourth Reich: The World Keeps Turning a Blind Eye to Communist China’s Crimes Against Humanity

Race differences in average IQ are largely genetic

The mass dumbing down of humanity is now confirmed by scientists –

Will Tech Giants Reverse Bans on Vaccine Critics Now that World Health Organization Experts Have Admitted Vaccine Ingredients are Dangerous and Cause Harm?

Scientists Confirm Coronavirus Man-Made…Contains ‘pShuttle-SN’ Sequence Proving Laboratory Origin

Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”, Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon

Bernie Sanders Organizer Warns Conservatives Will Go To Soviet-Style Gulags For Re-education

Man sentenced to 16 YEARS in prison over FLAG burning… because it was a gay flag – The Right Scoop

Mueller Witness Who Allegedly Funneled Money To Clinton Pleads Guilty To Child Porn, Trafficking

BERNIE’S BOLSHEVIK: ‘F*cking Cities Burn’ if Trump Wins

‘I’ll Straight Up Get Armed’: SECOND Bernie Staffer Threatens Violence Against Trump Supporters

COPS: FL man killed pro-Trump boss with trowel after ‘argument about politics’

Denver Post Columnist Says He Was Fired For His Belief There Are Only Two Sexes

UW Lecturer Claims He Was Demoted After Pointing Out Male & Female Differences

Employers Should Censor ‘Sports Talk’ Among Male Workers, Says ‘Gender Balance Expert’

New York UN Office Recruits Paramilitary Troops for ‘Disarmament’ and ‘Reintegration’ of US Civilians

What Everyone Is Missing About The Afghanistan Papers

Transgender clinics prey on AUTISTIC children because they’re easy to manipulate, disturbing new research finds

NHS Over-Diagnosing Sex-Change Treatment For Children Over Fears Of Being Labeled “Transphobic

DoED Investigation Finds That U.S. Universities Have Taken $1.3 Billion From Russia, China, Qatar

California’s ‘Pro-Worker’ Law Is Killing Jobs Left and Right

Greta Thunberg Threatens to Put World Leaders “Against the Wall” if They Refuse to Fight Climate Change

Husband of House Judiciary Dem Received $700,000 From Ukrainian Under Investigation By FBI

New Calls Emerge To Arrest All “Anti-vax” Parents, Seize Their Homes, Kidnap Their Children

DHS Wants Americans Subjected To Mandatory Facial Recognition At Airports

Galloway: Facebook Is Species Failure

6-Year-Old Children Told to Write Gay Love Letters to Promote Diversity

UN Study Finds World’s Highest Rate Of Child Detention… Under Obama

John Solomon: Everything Changes In The Ukraine Scandal If Trump Releases These Documents

140 Research Papers That Showed No Clear Relationship Between Adding Diversity And Improving Performance

Twitter says, pedophiles are permitted to discuss ‘attraction towards minors’ and share some depictions of nude children

Black Leaders Tell Democrats: Stop Killing Black Babies in Abortions

Debunking the ‘Trump Is a Racist’ Charge

Amazon Show Features White People Wearing Red MAGA-Style Hats Being Hunted As “Nazis”

Paris Climate Agreement Was Doomed Even Before the United States’ Withdrawal

Triggered College Students Claim Thanksgiving & Other Holidays Are Racist

Revealed: 2 More Soros Connections To Trump Impeachment

FBI Agent Investigating Satanic Ritual Abuse Reportedly Carried Out by Clintons Killed

28 Uncomfortable Facts Crushing The ‘Debunked Conspiracy Theory’ Narrative

Report: FBI Interviews Victim Alleging Bill Clinton Raped Him At Age 8 In Satanic Ritual

Wrong narrative? AFP & Reuters scrub story about 100,000 detained migrant children after UN says it happened on Obama’s watch

War Heroes Bash Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: ‘Operative,’ ‘Disgrace’

Sanctuary Counties to Free Accused Illegal Alien Child Rapists, Murderers

Of 27 Deadliest Mass Shooters, 26 of Them Were Fatherless

Report: 84% of Women Fail New Army Combat Fitness Test

Report: Hunter Biden-Linked Firm Received $130 Million in Federal Bailout Loans | Breitbart

Facebook Bans All Content On Vaccine Awareness, Including Facts About Vaccine Ingredients

DARPA Seeks “Militarized Microbes” So They Can Spread Genetically-Modified Bacteria

‘Solutions Are Obvious’ – The US Higher Education System Is Broken

Berkeley Instructor: “Rural Americans” Are “Bad People Who Have Made Bad Life Decisions”

JUDICIAL WATCH BOMBSHELL: New Benghazi Documents Confirm Clinton Email Cover-Up – DC Dirty Laundry

‘They’re Going to Try to Kill Me’ – Rudy Giuliani Reveals He Has a Kill Switch to Release Biden Family Crime Docs ‘If He Disappears’ (VIDEO)

Google’s Orwellian Project to Secretly Hoover Up Health Records of Millions of Americans

Visitor Logs Reveal ‘Whistleblower’ And DNC Contractor Visited Obama White House Multiple Times

Whistleblower’s Lawyer Bragged About Getting Kiddie Porn Perps National Security Clearances

Ultimate Meme Collection: Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself

Alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella was Biden guest at State Department banquet

Infowars Releases Name of Obama Official Chosen For Roger Stone Jury

Amazon Accused of Promoting Pedophilia For Baby Clothes Reading, “Daddy’s Little Slut”

Democrat Activist Charged With Sexually Assaulting Mentally Ill High School Boy

PewDiePie Exposes Phony Hate Symbols

Katie Pavlich Ties ABC’s Epstein Cover-up To Clintons, Stephanopoulos

Donald Trump Reads Aloud 2017 Tweets from Whistleblower’s Lawyer Declaring a ‘Coup’

‘Coup Has Started’: Whistleblower’s Attorney Vowed To ‘Get Rid Of Trump’ in 2017

Eco-Genocide: 11,000 Scientists Sign Order Demanding Globalists Eliminate Billions of Humans

What we still don’t know about Seth Rich

Elizabeth Warren Caught In HOAX Bigger Than Pocahontas

25 mind-blowing things likely to happen if the Dems remove Trump from office

Professor Says Grading, Good Grammar Are Examples Of White Supremacy

Wealth Inequality: It’s Complicated

You Are Slave Property Of A Corporation Called The United States Of America

Fascist Progressive Book Burner: ‘No Novels by White Men in High Schools for the Next 20 Years’

Emergency – Marines Called In to Protect President Trump From Leftist Coup D’Etat

Twitter Bans Gay Man For Telling Inconvenient Truths About Transgender People

Canada Health Minister Accused of Faking Flu Shot While Pushing Vaccines

Stop teaching novels by white men in high schools for the next 20 years

America Sees Fifty-Fold Increase in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Ozone Hole Shrinks to Smallest Size on Record

Al-Jazeera Says Not Wanting to Eat Insects is Racist

Drag Queen Story Hour Is Grooming Kids For Pedo Sex

Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother To Be Gay Black Man in New Live-Action Film

Microchips to be put in vaccines to control populations

Court Allows Chemical Castration of 7-Year-Old Boy, Forces Father to Take Classes on Transgenderism

2 Proud Boys Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison For Defending Themselves From Antifa Attack

Bombshell: Google Caught Blacklisting Tulsi Gabbard

Senator Threatened For Exposing Foster Care System’s Links To Child Sex Trafficking Ring

Barbra Streisand shares a gruesome cartoon of Nancy Pelosi impaling and killing Trump

The US Healthcare System Is Hemorrhaging Close To $1 Trillion A Year

Obamacare Program Was Meant to Save Money, Instead it Killed Thousands

Democrat Academics Opine That Objectivity Equals Racism

NBA Fan Raises $43K For “Stand With Hong Kong” T-Shirts As Protesters Torch LeBron Jerseys

The NBA is communist China’s thought police: “Free Hong Kong” signs confiscated from American fans

Soros/Deep State-Backed, Democrat Paramilitary Wing, Antifa Plans To Drive Trump From Office

IRS Admits Targeting The Poor Because It’s “Easier And Cheaper” Than Auditing The Wealthy

Democrat Mob ATTACK Supporters Leaving Trump Rally, THROW URINE, BURN MAGA HATS, Wave Communist Flags

Antifa Radicals Threaten to “Bring Out the Guillotine” if Church Shows Jordan Peterson Documentary

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Give $1 Trillion in Climate Reparations to Black Families

GQ Magazine Says “New Masculinity” is Men Wearing Earrings, Giant Sleeping Bag Dresses and Crying

Beto O’Rourke Says Mass Shooters Will Hand Over Their AR-15s

Using Puberty Blockers on Children ‘Is a Crime Against Humanity’

China Labor Camp Survivor Details Government Organ Harvesting

Statistician Rethinks Gun Control After Digging into the Data

Newsweek Writer Inadvertently Blows Holes In Gun Control Argument

Top climate scientist breaks ranks with ‘consensus’

In 2004, The U.S. Senate Was Warned That Climate Change is a Hoax

Elizabeth Warren Applauds Transgender 9-Year-Old, Suggests Child Help Choose Education Secretary

The Latest College Lunacy: Correct English Grammar Is ‘Racist’

The List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously

Oak Park Trustee Susan Buchanan: “You Are a White Male! Shut Up!”

University of Washington Professor Says SpongeBob Squarepants is “Racist” and “Violent”

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Give $1 Trillion in Climate Reparations to Black Families

Bombshell! Ukrainian MP Says Joe Biden Paid $900,000 By Firm Hunter Biden Works For

Radford University Study Shows Since 1990, Blacks Have Been Majority of Serial Killers in USA

Reporter Silenced After Asking NBA Stars About China

Top Journalists that Serve on Soros-Funded Boards of Directors or Advisers

The Ultimate Cognitive Dissonance Trap was Just laid

Army Combat Fitness Test Fiasco! Slides Reveal 84% of Women Failing ACFT

New Vaccines Are In Our Future That Will “Literally Change Your DNA”

Ukraine ‘Anti-Corruption’ Director Bragged About Helping Hillary Clinton In 2016: Leaked Audio

Chinese Citizens Will Need to Pass Facial Recognition Test to Use the Internet

Pocahontas Caught Lying About Getting Fired as a Teacher for Being Pregnant

10 Reasons Democrats’ Impeachment Argument Is Falling Apart

Seattle Schools: Math Is Racist

China Unveils “Super Surveillance Camera” That Can Link To Its Social Credit System

Levin explains why the whistleblower scandal is ‘the biggest nothing on the face of the Earth’

ANTIFA Terrorists Turn Climate Change Rally into Violent Hate Fest Against Police

FDA: Over 6,000 Dead From Puberty Blocking Drug For Transgender Children

Schiff Linked to Prominent Ukrainian Arms Dealer Tied to America-Hating Globalist George Soros

Dozens Of Failed Climate Predictions Stretch 80 Years Back

Economists Confirm Financial Aid Is Inflating Student Loan Bubble

More American Newborns Die the Day They are Born Than in Any Other Developed Nation

Smart TVs Caught Sending Sensitive User Data To Facebook And Netflix

Trans Lobbying Group Pushes ‘Puberty-Blockers’ On Children As Young As 12

Greta Thunberg’s “Coach” A Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates Operative

Johns Hopkins Professor On Child-Transgender Trend: “Many Will Regret This”

Social Credit Will Shift Law In The West “From Constitution… To Analytics And Algorithm”

San Diego College Instructs Students on “Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation”

Eating human flesh is the latest idea to stop climate change

AOC Says Miami Will Disappear ‘In A Few Years’ Without $93 Trillion Green New Deal

Studies Find No Evidence That Assault Weapon Bans Reduce Homicide Rates

The Impact Of Social Media On Young People’s Mental Health

Google Is Watching You In Your Home

Mueller Helped Saudis Cover Up Involvement In 9/11 Attacks: Lawsuit

Linking Human Brains to Computers Could Lead to “Totalitarian Mind Control”

Report: TWO Cameras Outside Jeffrey Epstein’s Cell ‘Malfunctioned’

This Is What Social Media Is Doing To Us…

Clinical Study Confirms People Are Not Biologically “Born Gay”

Trump Admin. Considering Big Tech Proposal to Spy on All Americans Using Smartphones, Home Assistance

Trump Administration Considering Social Credit Score System to Determine Who Can Buy a Gun

Kavanaugh Accuser’s Attorney Admits: Protecting Abortion Was Part Of Her Motivation to Derail Confirmation

Dear Men: You Make Life Wonderful

Jeffrey Epstein: Investigative Journalists Point Out How The “Conspiracy Theorists” Are Being Proven Right (Video)

Neuralink: The War Against Humanity Goes Mainstream

Study: No evidence white cops more likely to use lethal force against minorities

The Bloody Legacy Of The Nazi-Soviet Pact Shows Communism And Fascism Are Allies

Yale professor: Darwinian theory of evolution cannot explain the origin of species

Big Tech Building Chinese-Style Social Credit Score

Report Sounds Alarm Over Brain-Reading Technology & Neurocapitalism

Smart Meter Radiation Attached To Millions Of Homes

Elizabeth Warren’s ‘White Squatter’ Ancestors Were ‘Complicit in Cherokee Dispossession’

Forget 1984, We’re Facing A Brave New World

Judicial Watch’s Fitton May Have Just Ended Omar’s Career: ‘There’s Credible Evidence She Married Her Brother’

The Government’s Plot To Destabilize The Nation Is Working

Solomon: If Trump Declassifies These 10 Documents, Democrats Are Doomed

Incredibly Sick, Federally-Funded Experiments Happening Behind Closed Doors In Secret Labs Across America

Study: Nearly Four-Fifths Of “Gender Minority” Students Have Mental Health Issues

How Hillary’s Seances Led To The Rise Of The Left’s New Age Guru, Marianne Williamson

‘We are moving into a new, controlled society worse than old totalitarianism’ – Zizek on Google leak

Seth Rich’s Ghost Haunts the Courts

Scandal Erupts Over Murder-Porn Movie Where Elite Liberals Hunt Trump Supporters

The United Nations Agendas: A Totalitarian Map

The Biotech-Industrial Complex Gets Ready To Define What Is Human

How Real Mind Control Works

Facebook Paid Contractors To SECRETLY Transcribe Your Conversations

Scandals Erupt at Fake News Outlet CNN

Before SHTF, Let’s Revisit Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book

NATO Narrative Nonsense: How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

China Issues Guidelines For Ranking 1.3 Billion Social Credit Scores

Photos Reveal AOC Was Crying Over An Empty Parking Lot

George Orwell’s Dystopian Nightmare In China

Oregon Militias Threaten Violence Over GOP Carbon Credit Standoff; Capitol Closed For Safety

Google’s Chrome Web Browser “Has Become Spy Software”

Black SUNY Prof.: Seeing Poor White People Makes Me Happy

Facebook’s Secret ‘Hate Agent’ Formula Leaked By Insider

Anti-Trump Psychiatrists Will Violate Ethics In Bogus Dem ‘Mental Health’

Why Didn’t Mueller Investigate Seth Rich?

The ‘Guccifer 2.0’ Gaps in Mueller’s Full Report

School’s Purpose Is Indoctrination

‘My Little Pony’ will push the LGBT agenda on little kids this season – The Right Scoop

Johnstone: People Who Support Internet Censorship Are Infantile Narcissists

The decline of the family has unleashed an epidemic of loneliness

Attkisson: 10 Questions I’d Ask Robert Mueller

Eminent American Scientist: Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Was STAGED

The Horrors of LGBT Progressivism: Parents to start physically maiming their own babies to slice off all “gender” organs

Full Transcript: Robert Mueller’s Statement on Trump-Russia Investigation

Confirmed by Scientists: The Mass Dumbing Down of Humanity

iPhones Harvest And Transmit Massive Amounts Of Data While You Sleep

Google Has A Creepy Secret Page That Tracks Your (Online & Offline) Shopping History

Technotyranny: The Iron-Fisted Authoritarianism Of The Surveillance State

Welfare State is tearing apart Sweden

Global Warming A “Hoax And Scam” Pushed By Greedy Government Scientists: Greenpeace Co-Founder

Grand Jury Slaps Jussie Smollett With 16 Felony Counts In Hate-Crime Hoax

China’s Social Credit System Just Blocked Tens Of Millions Of Plane And Train Tickets

Your Recycling Might Be Poisoning Poor Communities

Nevada Bill Will Allow Police To Search Everyone’s Smartphone

How Much Longer Will The Middle-Class Politely Tolerate Its Own Destruction?

Never Forget: NONE of the Climate Alarmists’ Chicken Little Predictions Have Ever Come True [VIDEO]

Climate Change Religion And Related Cover-Ups: What The Hell Is NASA Hiding?

MEDIA SILENT: Clinton Foundation Connected AGT Forwarded Top Secret US Intel to RUSSIA – FBI/DOJ Covered It Up – PART V

Michelle Malkin Delivers Scorching Immigration Speech at CPAC

Social Justice Warriors: Stalinists by Another Name

Democrats Now Actively Debating Human Extinction

Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Rips ‘Gas-Guzzler’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Blathering Insanity’ and Green Hypocrisy; She Gets Defensive

Ben Carson Shatters Pro-Choice Narrative on Abortion: ‘I Can Guarantee You They Can Feel’

Experts: GOP/Dem Deal to Spark ‘Largest Surge’ Ever of Border Crossers

Curry Report: Sea-level rise within natural variation of past several thousand years

Dr. Dunn comments on the NYTimes claim that London air quality killed a child

Eighty per cent of Vatican priests are gay according to explosive new book | Daily Mail Online

Majority of California Residents Want to Leave: Poll | Breitbart

Look Whose Dead Body Was Pulled From The Potomac River With Hillary’s Dirty Secret – Daily Headlines

It Had to Be Said–> Ben Stein on Ocasio-Cortez: “She Doesn’t Know her Ass From Her Elbow” (VIDEO)

Dickinson College Student Newspaper: ‘Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk?’ | Breitbart

Georgetown University Students May Face Student Fee to Pay Slavery Reparations | Breitbart

Pew: Actively Religious People More Likely to Be ‘Very Happy’

AWFUL. Purple Heart Triple-Amputee Brian Kolfage Undergoes Invasive TSA Groping at Tucson Airport (VIDEO)

Look Whose Dead Body Was Pulled From The Potomac River With Hillary’s Dirty Secret – Daily Headlines

Richard Lindzen: Axe climate science funding. Groupthink has destroyed intellectual foundations.

CONFIRMED: Hillary Camp Set Up Trump Tower Meeting Between Russians and Don Jr. – ‘Russians’ Involved Are Connected to the Clintons

BREAKING: Fired FBI Director Comey Lied to Congress – Hid Trump Investigation from US Lawmakers FOR 9 MONTHS!

San Francisco — where drug addicts outnumber high school academics

This Technology From MIT Can Beam A Voice Right Into Your Head

Why It’s Not The “Super-Rich” That Will Pay For The Left’s “Radical” Tax Plans

Apple’s Lawless Invasion Of Privacy

INFANTICIDE: Virginia Dem Proposes Bill To Allow Abortion During Delivery

Virginia Abortion Bill from Democrats Would Be Even Worse Than New York’s

Virginia & New York Abortion Legislation: Life Is Under Attack | National Review

James Woods Offers Best Response to Virginia Governor’s Policy of Killing Babies after Birth

POLICE STATE UPDATE: Mueller FBI Seized All of Roger Stone’s Years of Contacts During Pre-Dawn Raid — Likely to Be Leaked to DNC

SHOCK: Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Endorses the Murder of Babies — AFTER THEY ARE BORN! (VIDEO)

Roger Stone’s Wife Suffered Terrible Indignities by FBI Thugs – The Millennium Report

Feds Refuse to Unseal Documents on FBI Deep State Raid of Clinton Foundation Whistleblower that Implicate Mueller

DOJ Study: Gun Control Laws Won’t Work Because Criminals Get Their Guns Illegally

The Top 5 Democrats Who Supported Border Security Before Trump Wanted It

Why You Can’t Trust the CDC on Vaccines

AAAS chief admits scientists have destroyed the credibility of science

China-Made Smartphone Weather App Stole Data From 10 Million Global Users

The “Green New Deal” Debunked

Students Hate ‘Trump’ Immigration, Border-Wall Quotes… Don’t Realize They’re From Dems

‘Hate Speech’ Convictions Soar Tenfold As Sweden Cracks Down On Migration Critics

Women’s March Imploding: ‘Not All Women Have Female Reproductive Parts’

Why School Has Nothing to Do With Students

US Government Announces $10.6 Billion in Aid to Mexico and Central America — But ZERO DOLLARS for Border Wall

FBI Agents Lied in 302 Report!… Say They Notified Flynn on “Nature of Interview”… A COMPLETE LIE! (Video)

The Mechanics of Gun Confiscation and Forced Deportation to a FEMA Camp

The Globalist Mindset: They Hate You

Signs Of Coming Collapse: Citizens Worldwide Revolt Against Taxation & Illegal Aliens

Soviet Dissidents, America’s Academia, & The Weaponization Of Psychiatry

Signs Of Coming Collapse: Citizens Worldwide Revolt Against Taxation & Illegal Aliens

How School Districts Weaponize Child Protection Services Against Uncooperative Parents

“Inclusive” WSU Stocks Men’s Bathrooms With Free Menstrual Products

Nolte: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Refuses to Retract $21 Trillion Whopper

Breaking: Mueller Withheld Exculpatory Evidence from Court to Exonerate Trump – Mueller LIED to the Court!… Will He Be Sent to Jail Too?

Study: 63% of Non-Citizen Households In 2014 Used Welfare

Kamala Harris Tweets #BelieveSurvivors – Doesn’t Believe Woman Who Accused Her Aide Of Sexual Harassment

Elementary-level books nearly even with college-level in ‘common reading programs,’ study finds

Our Ignorance of Socialism Is Dangerous

The Female “Patsy” Who Has the Power to Start World War III

WTF? 76 Students In One School Came Out As Transgender… Is That News?

Bill Clinton Took 26 Junkets with Sexual Deviant Epstein — Trump Banned the Perv From Mar-a-Lago

Broward Sheriff’s Captain Who Gave ‘Stand Down’ Order At Parkland Was A Diversity Hire

Delingpole: The National Climate Assessment Is a National Joke

Brazil’s New Top Diplomat: Climate Change is a Marxist Hoax

If Liberals Cared About Immigrants, They Would Not Support Open Borders

Tucker cites new poll of Mexican citizens on migrant caravan: Does this mean they’re ‘racists’ too?

Senators Seeking To Shoot Down Yemen Bill Were Paid By Saudi Lobbyists

1/3 Of Migrants In The Caravan Are Sick, Some With Deadly Diseases

Scientists: Weak Ocean Circulation Could Signify Incoming Mini Ice Age

Activist Slams Feminists For Silence on Female Genital Mutilation

Blacklisted Feminist: Saying Men Aren’t Women Used to Be ‘Banal,’ Today It’s ‘Heresy’

Crudele: Assange’s Indictment Could Cause Trouble For Democrats

Journalist Laura Loomer Banned from Twitter for Criticizing Female Genital Mutilation

Grooming Gangs Targeted Sikh Girls for Decades… Police Frozen by ‘Political Correctness’

Armed Citizens Are Successful 94% Of The Time At Active Shooter Events [FBI]

Yale Study Finds That White Liberals Dumb Down Their Vocabulary When Speaking to Black People

Worried About Mass Shootings? Be Glad You’re An American [Ranks 64th in the World, Per Capita, in Attacks

City of Boulder Slammed for Hosting Drag Queen Story Time

Google Reveals Plans to Monitor Our Moods, Our Movements, and Our Children’s Behavior at Home

Interior Secretary Zinke Blames California Wildfires On “Radical Environmental Groups”

How Social Media Is Becoming An Arm Of The State

Hillary Clinton Urges Europe To Halt Influx Of Refugees She Helped Create

Latin America Has Fewer Guns, But More Crime

Anonymous Exposes UK-Led Psyop To Battle “Russian Propaganda”

George Soros Sold Huge Amounts Of Facebook And Netflix Just Before Tech Stocks Crashed

If Trump Is ‘Racist’, He Needs To Go Back To Racism School

“Democratic Socialist” Ocasio-Cortez Couldn’t Name The 3 Branches Of Government

2020 Candidate Andrew Yang Wants Government-Sponsored ‘Social Credit’ System Comparable to Communist China’s

Teacher Says 17 Children Changing Gender At One School Being ‘Tricked’

VOTER FRAUD: Orange County Numbers DON’T ADD UP – Democrats Had 300,000 More Votes for Congressional Seats than for Governor

PIERS MORGAN: Don’t let hypocritical radical feminists turn men into a bunch of neutered, grovelling, blubbering doormats, ladies

Shock Video: Kids Brainwashed to Hate White People

Don’t Believe Your Own Eyes: Michigan College Cancels ‘The Vagina Monologues’ Because ‘Not All Women Have Vaginas’

FYI, Saying ‘men aren’t women’ Now Qualifies as ‘hateful conduct’ on Twitter

For The First Time Ever, Psychologists Warn Facebook Can Cause Depression

The 40 “Hidden Horrors” Of Theresa May’s Brexit Deal

Hey Democrats, Is He ‘Racist’ Too? Tijuana Mayor Denounces ‘Horde’ Of Foreign Caravan Migrants, Calls For Swift Deportation

Climate Scientists Admit To Major Math Error After Global Warming Study Debunked

Professor: Newborns Can “Ethically” Be Killed—Not “Sentient”

Getting Elected Didn’t Help Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Grow Brain Cells – The Lid

Beto Aides Busted Funneling Caravan Funds In Undercover Sting

“Don’t Ever Repeat This”: Beto Aides Busted Funneling Caravan Funds In Undercover Sting

Hackers Claim Breach Of 120 Million Facebook Accounts; Put Private Messages Up For Sale

Soros Partners With Mastercard To Hand Out Money To Migrants

2nd Kavanaugh Accuser Admits She Lied; Referred For Criminal Prosecution; Kamala’s Office Involved

A Gun Capable Of Fitting Into A Wallet Is Being Sold By An American Arms Company

Radical Muslims Behind 84 Percent of Terror Killings in the West, 67 Percent Foreign-Born

UN Tells Trump He Has No Right To Stop Armed Caravan / Veritas Catches Beto Campaign, UN & Visa Smuggling Illegals

Career Criminal Robert Mueller involved in Whitey Bulger Murder

Don Lemon: ‘The Biggest Terror Threat in This Country Is White Men’ | Breitbart

Proof Migrant Caravan Funded By Soros, UN, and Other Leftist Groups

College Students Afraid To Disagree With Marxist Professors

Despite Spending $185 Million On “Faculty Diversity”, Columbia U. Report Finds ‘Lack Of Diversity’

Common Core Designed to Move leftist Agenda

Brown University Provides Programs for “Unlearning Toxic Masculinity” | Breitbart

Why Marxism Shifted From Economics To Culture

Exposing California’s Feminist Corporate Coup

Alternatives To Facebook, YouTube,Twitter, And Other Big Tech Platforms (Note: Add to the list)

Mike Krieger Blasts US Media’s “Despicable, Unethical, & Pervasive” Links To Saudi Money

PETA Attacks Milk as Symbol of ‘White Supremacists’

Democrat managed CALPERS, largest pension in the U.S., is in a massive unfunded struggle

Outrage against Nike explodes online: “Slave factories” “evil monster corporation” makes users want to “puke”

Horton: War on Terrorism Has Undermined Liberty and Security

Obese Millennials Are “Threatening National Security,” New Study Finds

Is Cultural Marxism America’s New Mainline Ideology?

City of Berkeley demands forced depopulation to halt climate change “crisis” that it claims is worse than the Holocaust

Climate change science implodes as IPCC climate models found to be “totally wrong”

Toxic Masculinity

Study Shows Vast Majority of Non-White Americans Reject Political Correctness

US Rotates To Ukraine As Location To Start Conflict With Russia

Christine Ford Published 2008 Article on Self-Hypnosis Used to Retrieve and “Create Artificial Situations”

Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web

Georgetown Professor Says White GOP Senators Deserve ‘Miserable Deaths’ – Calls For Their Corpses to be Castrated and Fed to Pigs

Women will be required on corporate boards in California, new landmark law says – ABC News

Three Phases of Surveillance to Totalitarianism: It is Happening Now

Liberal heads EXPLODE: Leftists who claim “all women must be believed” also insist there’s no such thing as a biological man or woman

Now Colleges Are Lowering Standards to Increase ‘Diversity’

Mollie Tibbetts And The Low Illegal Crime Rate Lie

How You’re Being Chemically Castrated By These Everyday Products

Study: Boys, Not Girls, More Often Victims of Dating Violence

The Social Media Purge And How It Affects Everyone

Medical Malpractice Deaths over 500 Times Higher than Accidental Gun Deaths

Marine Le Pen Must Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation, French Court Rules

Krieger: Why Populism Is Just Getting Started

Students Don’t Vote Absentee Because “They Don’t Know Where To Get Stamps,” Study Shows

The Trade War Helps Hide Central Bank Sabotage Of The Economy

Communist China Moves To Control Billions Through ‘Social Credit’

How to Discern Education vs. Propaganda

A Brief History Of Repressive Regimes And Their Gun Laws

Google Partners with Federal Education Department to Mine Private Student Data

EU approves controversial Copyright Directive, including internet ‘link tax’ and ‘upload filter’

‘Anti-Islam’ Book Shoots to Top of German Best Seller List

Joseph Mifsud Whom Deep State Used to Set Up Papadopoulos – Is Missing and PRESUMED DEAD

Understanding The Tactics Of Subversive Globalism

A Diabolic False Flag Empire: Is The American Trajectory Divine Or Demonic?

Heather Mac Donald on “The Diversity Delusion”

STUDY: 1 In 4 College Students Diagnosed With Mental Health Condition…

The Untold Story About Obama’s Former CIA Director, John Brennan

California Passed an Anti-Affirmative Action Law, and Colleges Ignored It | Manhattan Institute

Alternative Social Network ‘Minds’ Debuts Digital Bill of Rights

Facebook Removes Anne Frank Center Holocaust Post for ‘Violating Standards’

The Unpleasant Truth About The 1941 Parachuting Of Rudolf Hess In England

Democrat Mark Warner’s initiative to place internet under strict government control with fees and taxes.

Denmark as a Model for American Socialists?

Facebook’s Hidden System to Rate Your ‘Trustworthiness’

Fascist State: Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Details Of Communist Ocasio-Cortez’s Ties To George Soros Revealed

The Engineered Collapse of Venezuela Was the Beginning of a War on the Free World

Internet Buzzing After Julian Assange’s Mother Implicates Seth Rich In DNC Leak

Horrifying UN Report Details Widespread Child Rape by High-Level UN Employees

AB 1810 – Dangerous legislation that the public is just learning about

Leftists blast ‘Queer Eye’ star for declaring ‘not all Republicans are racist.’

Debunking Socialist Myths: 90 Percent Of Scandinavia’s Wealth Is Privately Owned The Social Media Site That Pays You in Crypto’s Bill Ottman: People are Abandoning Big Tech

“Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented….” said dead liberal couple killed by ISIS.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Ties To China Go Way Deeper Than An Alleged Office Spy

Guy says he ‘identifies as a woman’ to legally save a bundle on car insurance. Libs mad at their own laws.

Democrat Feinstein has Chinese Spy in her office for 20 years!

California burns: The “new normal” thanks to Obama Era Environmental Regulations

Facebook Wants To Spy On You Via Hidden Inaudible TV Ad Messages

Evil Chinese Government Kills To Harvest Organs For Sale

Communist Chinese Now Own Apple And Its Data On You

10 Numbers That Prove That America’s Current Financial Condition Is A Horror Show

CNN Slammed For Championing Hijab-wearing Barbie

America has reached the third of four stages of communist subversion

Report: Witness Prepared to Identify Two Killers of Seth Rich

Facial Recognition Toll Booths Identify Drivers and Passengers, Notify Police Within Seconds

6 Reasons Why the Muslim Brotherhood is a Terrorist Organization


People want answers from NBC, Amazon, and Cartoon Network after writer publicly pushes white genocide

Why California is collapsing into a liberal “s##thole” … Wayne Allen Root sounds off –

It’s NOT Our Fault That Illegal Aliens Are Separated From Their Children

Judicial Watch obtains BLOCKBUSTER docs about the IRS Obama scandal – and JOHN MCCAIN – The Right Scoop

The Swedes are getting microchipped, committing national suicide

Why The “Abject Silence” From The Left About Child Migrant Detentions Under Obama?

The Truth About Trump “Separating Families”

UConn Muslim prof requires students to remove shoes, say “Bismillah” on entering his office

Want more MS-13 gang members raping, stabbing and murdering your family? Vote Democrat!

The Department Of Homeland Security Plans To Compile A List Of All Bloggers, Journalists And “Social Media Influencers”

Course claims ‘objectivity’ is a ‘white mythology’

University hosting ‘privilege’ workshops for ‘white folks’

Prof exposes $11 million payroll for ‘diversicrats’ at UMich

Here Are The 5 Worst Valerie Jarrett Scandals

Black Stanford Student Goes Viral: ‘I’m Off The Plantation Bro!’

The Racism Liberals Don’t Recognize — Their Own – Bernard Goldberg

Here’s 75 Scandals Under Obama

New FBI Files Show Feds Gave Billionaire Pedophile Epstein Freedom in Exchange for ‘Information’

Virginia School District: Biological Sex Is Meaningless

The military has conducted dangerous biowarfare experiments on Americans

Black Conservative Explains How to Play the ‘Race Card’ – Eagle Rising

Shock: Amazon Alexa Sends Couple’s Private Conversation to Random Contact

While Teachers Have to Beg For Funding, Police Caught Stealing Millions From Public Schools

Leaked Emails: Obama’s WH Used Emotional Propaganda To Push For Gun Control

Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About the Link Between Psychiatric Medications and Mass Shootings?

Facebook Gives Off Serious ‘Creeper’ Vibes: ‘Send Us Your Nudes For Your Protection’

Can a pope change moral truth?

Stunning Development Is Made In Seth Rich’s Murder

Middle Schoolers in W.Va. Had to Write ‘Allah Is the One True God’ in Arabic

Muslim Brotherhood and The Soft-Jihad In The USA

Corrupt CDC diverted $3 million in taxpayer money to radical left-wing causes having NOTHING to do with science

The Pentagon Cannot Account For $21 Trillion

Sacramento Launches Program To Track Citizen’s Social Media Posts

Why California is collapsing into a liberal “s##thole”

Karl Marx at 200 — Darwinism & Communism

Holy Imam & Islamic Prayer Leader Blown To Bits While Planting Bomb on Street – Daily Headlines

Candace Owens Tells the Truth About the NAACP | Power Line

University of Texas to Treat Masculinity as a ‘Mental Health’ Issue | Trending

There’s no philosophy of life without a theory of human nature | Aeon Essays

What’s a Greater Leap of Faith: God or the Multiverse? | PragerU

JUST IN: LIBERAL CALIFORNIA Lawmakers Propose Bill To Ban Sale Of Bibles *

Should Quantum Anomalies Make Us Rethink Reality? – Scientific American Blog Network

The Truth About The “Multicultural” Invasion Of Sweden | Zero Hedge

More guns, less gun violence between 1993 and 2013

Study Calls Popular Anti-Gun Proposals Into Question

“Dumb F–ks”: Julian Assange Reminds Us What Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Of Facebook Users

Lead Clinton investigator shot in the back twice, run over

Schools are just Marxist Indoctrination Centers

Facebook didn’t care when spying helped Obama

Pitt display calls ‘be a man’ example of ‘toxic masculinity’

Purdue takes control of writing guide after controversy

Prof: it’s ‘miserable’ to work with ‘evil’ conservative students

SWAT officers suspended for heading to Parkland massacre

The Constitution: A Pro-Slavery or Anti-Slavery Document?

Former Abortionist Bernard Nathanson Became Pro-Life When He Saw Something Amazing

Deep-Freezing the Truth at Penn

University to host ‘It’s OK to be (Against) White(ness)’ event

MS-13 Killing American Kids In Public Schools

Restaurant charged white customers more

Why the Transgender Movement Can’t Sustain Itself

Delaware Considers Allowing Students to ‘Choose’ Their Race, Gender Without Parental Consent

Broward County Deputies Told Not to Enter School

Muslims Were America’s Top Mass Shooters in Last 2 Out of 3 Years

The Sex-Change Revolution Is Based on Ideology, Not Science

13 Ways Public Schools Incubate Mental Instability In Kids

History Lessons From Years Under Islamism

What you Need to Know About Planned Parenthood

New CA Law: Teachers CAN’T SHOOT BACK If Attacked In School Shooting

Girl Scouts in Bed with Planned Parenthood Death Mill

Moron Mueller Indicts 13 Russians For Interfering In US Election

5 Reasons To Question The Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas Shooting

There was obviously, definitely, another shooter involved: Stoneman Douglas High School student

Did the Secret Service have foreknowledge of the Valentine’s Day massacre?

DHS Debunks NBC Fake News Claiming Russia ‘Penetrated’ Election

Professor: White people who do yoga guilty of ‘power, privilege, and oppression’

Libs Claim Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Mascot Racist

EU Threatens Force Against Countries Refusing Migrants

Baby Born at 25 Weeks, Shows Humanity of Unborn Children

Planned Parenthood Caught on Video Covering Up Sex Trafficking

The Memo: Infogrraphic

Real Secret Society: Graphic Illustrates Dem Ties to Phony Russian Dossier

WaPo Finally Admits Socialism Led To Venezuela’s Collapse

Dan Bongino DEMOLISHES ‘liberal logic’ in takedown of EPIC proportions

Women Only Company Dissolves Due to Catfights

Brandon Smith Asks “Will Manliness Make A Comeback In 2018?”

Why Hillary Clinton Needs To Go To Prison In 2018

BREAKING: Obama Armed Hezbollah And Let Them Deal Cocaine Across Europe And The US

Government Software Calculates Your ‘Threat Score’ And Categorizes Citizens As Red, Yellow Or Green

Campus Atmosphere a Mix of Infantilism, Kindergarten and Totalitarianism

State Dept Whistleblower: Refugee Program ‘Full of Fraud’

Militias Armed by the Pentagon Fight Those Armed by the CIA

The consequences of “democratic socialism” have been disastrous: no food, no housing, no clothing, no fuel

Understanding the Alinsky Method

Donald Trump Is Right – Here Are 100 Reasons Why We Need To Audit The Federal Reserve

Video: Obama Cracks Joke About Scalia’s Death

Trump Vows: ‘Elect Me And You’ll Find Out Who Really Knocked Down The Twin Towers’

Government Software Calculates Your ‘Threat Score’ And Categorizes Citizens As Red, Yellow Or Green

Homeland Security Conceals “Secret Plan to Cut Cell Service” During Emergencies

Common Core Book Publishing Manager: I Hate Kids – Common Core is All About Selling Books and Making Money

Chinese Immigrant Turned Citizen Defies Obama Gun Grab: “I Will Never Be A Slave Again”

New Hillary Emails Reveal Propaganda, Executions, Coveting Libyan Oil and Gold

The myth of the cop killing ‘epidemic’

Trump: Obama and Hillary Created ISIS

The Super Rich Ruling Class Designed The IRS To Rob Everyone Else For Their Personal Gain

Sharia Law in Germany: Christian activist Heidi Mund charged with “agitation against the people”

Islamic State allows taking organs of living non-Muslims…

New May Brides Face DEATH Under Sharia Law, But This Product Could SAVE THEIR LIVES

“And It’s Gone… It’s All Gone” – The One Gold Scandal That Goes To The Very Top

Global Warming is a Crock of Sh*t

New Smoking Gun: U.S. and UK KNEW Saddam Did NOT Possess WMDs

Political Strategist: Hillary Clinton is “An Abuser of Women & Girls”

The Tools Collectivists Use To Gain Power

Daily Beast: Obama, Hillary Toying With ‘Civil War’ Over Gun Confiscation

Vassar University Destroys Constitution

Paul Craig Roberts On The MH-17 Report: “Only An Idiot Would Believe It”

Clinton’s Hands Drip With Libyan Blood

As Russia Bombs ISIS, US Bombs Syrian Civilian Power Stations

New California Bill Will Allow Illegal Aliens to Vote

Indiana Liberals Bankrupt Sate, Pensions Delayed

The U.S. Government Supplied ISIS’ Iconic Pickup Trucks

Bush supporters will be dumbfounded he awarded Hillary with “Liberty Medal” in 2013

Busted: Jeb Bush Staffer Planted In Audience to Frame Donald Trump

Congressional Review Of Copyright Law May Threaten Drudge Report

Sandy Hook Footage Spliced Into Oregon Shooting News

German School Kids Forced to Clean Up After Migrants

Even George W. Bush’s Former Chief Economist Says 9/11 Was an Inside Job

Russia Is Putting On A Display Of Firepower That Is Shocking The World

The US Is Clearly Losing the Information War Against Russia

We’re On The Verge Of The First Great War Of The 21st Century

Obama Authorizes Behavioral Experiments On U.S. Citizens

Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute Climate Skeptic Groups

Private Property Expropriated by German State for Refugees

It Begins: Europe Flooded With Reports Of “ISIS Terrorists” Posing As Refugees

The UN’s “Sustainable Development Agenda” Is Basically A Giant Corporatist Fraud

Even The Mainstream Economists Are Fed Up With The Fed

The Truth About The Unemployment Rate

Trump: Evidence Suggests Obama Protecting ISIS

Report: More than half of immigrants on welfare

Exclusive: Jeb Bush Linked to Drug Cartels, Money Laundering

Freedom And Central Planning Can Never Coexist

46 million Americans go to food banks, and long lines for dwindling food supplies begin at 6:30 AM

‘I Want My Church Back!’: Irate Man Interrupts Catholic Climate Change Confab

Black Business Owners Ask Oath Keepers To Protect Them

12 Signs That An Imminent Global Financial Crash Has Become Even More Likely

Former Merck Rep Says Mandatory Vaccination Is For Profit and Not Public Health

Why Obama’s Favorite Student Debt “Relief” Program Will Cost Taxpayers $100 Billion

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Gushes Over Planned Parenthood’s Racist Founder: “‘I Admire Margaret Sanger Enormously, Her Courage, Her Vision”…

Obama Destroys Coal Industry

Bombshell: CDC destroyed vaccine documents, Congressman reveals; CDC whistleblower case is back

Socialism Brings $755 Condoms in Venzuela

California Pension Crisis: Cut 30% of Payroll or Overturn Prop. 13, Raise Taxes

No Females Graduated From Marine Infantry Officer Program

Kansas moves to implement $25 ATM withdrawal limit for welfare recipients…

Britain’s secret ties to governments, firms, behind ISIS oil sales

Retarded Obama: White House Says Planned Parenthood Videos Are Fake, Cites Planned Parenthood

NATO Member Busted Supporting ISIS … Now Declares War Against ISIS, But Instead Bombs Its Political Rival

Video Report: Spain Surpasses Orwell’s Nightmare 1984

Least Transparent Ever: IRS Used “Wholly Separate” Message System To Hide Communications

McCain Blocked Amendment To Arm Troops on Bases Weeks Before Chattanooga Attack

Why Do So Many Working Age Americans Choose Not To Enter The Workforce?

The South American Financial Crisis Of 2015

The War On Cash: Why Now?

Debt Slaves: 7 Out Of 10 Americans Believe That Debt ‘Is A Necessity In Their Lives’

An Expert That Correctly Called The Last Two Stock Market Crashes Is Now Predicting Another One

White House Ordered Cancellation Of Trump Border Meeting

Chattanooga Shooter Linked to CIA, FBI Asset Anwar al-Awlaki

Obama Honors Islam Before Dead Marines Killed by Islamic Terrorist; Americans Furious

3 Million More Children In Poverty Under Obama

Planned Parenthood Recieved $528.4 Million Taxpayer Money

STUDY: Arctic Ice Grows By Third

Why Won’t White House Lower Flag For Dead Marines?

Doctor Haggling Price Of Baby Body Parts

Lambos For Babies: Illegal Abortion Activity Exposed

Rand Paul Takes Chainsaw to U.S. Tax Code

Left Media That Blamed Whites For Charleston Petrified of Talking Islamic Extremism After Chattanooga

Obama Supporters Advocate Tearing Down “Racist” Mount Rushmore

Senator McCain Lied About Meeting With ISIS Leader: McCain’s lies continue

Gov’t healthcare: One-third of vets on V.A. pending medical care list are already dead

Greeks Can’t Tap Cash, Gold, Silver In Bank Safety Deposit Boxes

Santa Cruz County Decides To Do Away With Big Banks

Planned Parenthood Doctor Admits to Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts

238,000 US Veterans Died Waiting for Health Care – Leaked Document

The Inside Story Of How Deutsche Bank “Deals With” Whistleblowers

Germany Never Intended For Greece To Stay In The Euro

New Documents Reveal DOJ, IRS, and FBI Plan to Seek Criminal Charges of Obama Opponents

Americans With Retirement Accounts Beware: If Our Government Does What China Just Did You’ll Be Wiped Out

Corrupt DOJ To Indict Texas Attorney General who was against many of Obama’s initiatives

US Preparing Coup to Prevent Greece from Falling Under Russian Influence

Chinese Sock Market Is Crashing

Why The Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Is Such A Huge Threat To The U.S. Financial System

Government Trolls Are Using “Psychology-Based Influence Techniques” On YouTube, Facebook And Twitter

Mysterious Death: Body of Doctor Who Linked Vaccines To Autism Found Floating in River

Study Shows U.S. Police Far More Concerned About “Anti-Government” Domestic Extremists than Al-Qaeda

Washington Gun Show Defies State Law

Texas Gold Repatriation Bill Has One Message To Feds: “Come And Take It”

Ultimate Doomsday Scenario Unfolding – Black Swan, Chaos And Financial Disaster On Horizon

You’ve Been Warned: Calls For Mandatory “National Service” For Americans Aged 18-28 Have Begun

Greek Debt Committee Just Declared All Debt To The Troika “Illegal, Illegitimate, And Odious”

Pentagon Trained ISIS Unleashed On Russia

Angel Soft Ad Which Disparages Fathers Gets Huge Negative Backlash

Defeating Drones: How To Build A Thermal Evasion Suit

Investigative Report: Jade Helm Mystery Solved

Military surveillance technologies are being integrated into law enforcement by DHS.

Medicare Paid for Nearly 40 Million Tranquilizer Prescriptions in 2013

UN Peacekeepers Sexually Abused Hundreds of Haitian Women & Girls

Empty Headed Americans Sign Petition to Nuke Russia

US Intelligence Responds ”No Comment” To Questions Of Support for ISIS

IRS emails admit they know targeting activists is wrong but don’t care

Report: Hundreds of Women & Children Forced into Sex by United Nations “Peacekeepers”

Obama administration attempts to tack 20 years onto man’s sentence for possession of books

The Secret History of SEAL Team 6: Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines

Best Kept Secret: More Whites Die at the Hands of Cops than Blacks

Under Hillary, US Sold $66 Million In Chemical Arms To Clinton Foundation Donors Gassing Their Citizens

Pentagon report proves US complicity in ISIS

The War on Cash is Now a Global Phenomenon

TSA airport checkpoints STILL miss 95% of weapons in smuggling tests

Obama Massacres Innocent Waco Bikers Over Putin Fears

Is Martial Law Justified If ISIS Attacks?

How To Start Prepping In Three Easy Steps

The Best-Selling ‘Monetary-Policy’ Books Are All Anti-Fed

Matt Drudge Slams Boehner for Pushing Obamatrade: ‘Clearly Treason’

“It’s A Coup D’Etat,” David Stockman Warns “Central Banks Are Out Of Control”

Lake Mead Water Level Mysteriously Plunges After Nevada Quake

Unraveling the Poverty Myths Obama Is Promoting

‘Titanic’ Global Economy May “Collapse” Warn HSBC – Gold Is Lifeboat

Google Patents Toys That Watch and Listen to Your Kids

TPP Gives Obama Power To Destroy America

‘It’s the Night of the Republican Suicide’

Obama gives $1.9 billion in weapons as welcome gift to Israel

All-male Squads Outperform Ones with Women: U.S. Marines Study

Dragnet surveillance is about power and social control, not public safety

25 Signs That America Is Rapidly Becoming More Like Nazi Germany

Millions Donated to Cancer Charities Paid for Online Dating, Caribbean Cruises, Hooters Meals and Victoria’s Secret Shopping

Hillary Clinton received $500K worth of jewelry from Saudi king

Obama losing war against ISIS (whom he arms himself)

What A Cashless Society Would Look Like

53 Admitted False Flag Attacks

Progressive Insurance Tracking Device Disabling Vehicles While Driving, Thousands Claim

The Giant Federal Reserve Scam That Most Americans Do Not Understand

Climategate leaker: Our civilization is being killed by lying “science” elitists

Martin Armstrong Warns Of The Coming Crash Of All Crashes

Stephen King Warns “The Second Great Depression Only Postponed, Not Avoided”

Leading German Keynesian Economist Calls For Cash Ban

You’ll Never Guess Who Just Boarded the DHS Bus

House Bill Would End Online Ammo Sales

The Bigfoot of Terrorists is Lost at Sea

Jade Helm and Operation Red Flag Point to the Coming Civil War

Almost Half Of US States Are Officially Broke

Why Are So-Called Progressives Defending Special Ops Training?

Fed faces limits on lending powers during crises

Congress Tells Court That Congress Can’t Be Investigated for Insider Trading

Master the Human Domain: The Domestic Plan Behind Jade Helm

Jade Helm operation, Texas gives early lessons on the ‘human domain’

A Multinational Trojan Horse: The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Government Kidnaps Couple’s 10 Kids

Bond Bubble = Debt Jubilee

Top NSA Official Who Created the Global Surveillance System: Fire the U.S. Intelligence Agencies … Hire Anonymous, Instead

Signs That The Elite Are Feverishly Preparing For Something BIG

Ultra-Secrecy Surrounds Barack Obama’s New Global Economic Treaty

It Begins: US Government Issues $700,000 Fine Against A Digital Currency

Rep. Gohmert on Jade Helm: We Never Named a State ‘Hostile’

ISIS Targeting States With Strict Gun Control Laws

Why The Powers That Be Are Pushing A Cashless Society

SEAL Veteran: Military Leaders Being Asked if They Will Disarm Americans

Obama Asking Military Officers If They Will Shoot Americans

Is The Cell Phone Kill Switch in the Wrong Hands?

Australia First to Introduce a Compulsory Tax on Money Itself

Former Abortion Clinic Owner: We Pushed Sex Ed on Kids to Create a Market for Abortion

Who’s Crazy Now? American Psychological Association Supported Torture “At Every Critical Juncture”

Black Crime Facts That The White Liberal Media Daren’t Talk About

Did You Know a Law Is On The Books to Disarm All Americans?

Are We Being Psychologically Conditioned To Accept Martial Law In America?

12 Unanswered Questions About The Baltimore Riots

Handcuffed Woman Shot Dead

Texas Governor Calls Up State Guard To Counter Jade Helm “Federal Invasion” Fears

First Blythe Masters, Now Goldman Investing In Bitcoin

Martin Armstrong Explains Why The Richest 1% Get Richer

NSA Whistleblower: “We Are No Longer Afraid Of The Police State Happening. It’s Here”

Turning America Into A Battlefield: A Blueprint For Locking Down The Nation

The War on Cash Escalates: Chase Cracks Down on Cash… Is Your Bank Next?

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Asks If Military Veterans In Police Force To Blame For Baltimore Riots [VIDEO]

Baltimore Riots: A Product Of The Soros Machine

Social media analysis suggests links between Baltimore and Ferguson

181 Clinton Foundation donors who lobbied Hillary’s State Department

PAPER: Negative rates put world on course for biggest mass default in history…

Hillary: Corrupt Marxist Bitch

Soros Group Advocates Violence Against Cops in Baltimore

Mayor’s link to Justice Dept. explains why she gave rioters “space to destroy”

SCHLAFLY: ‘America may be at breaking point already’…

What Will Happen To You When The Dollar Collapses?

False East/West Paradigm Hides The Rise Of Global Currency

Top scientists start to examine fiddled global warming figures

Obamacare: Covered California is Going Bankrupt

Kids Hate Michelle’s Lunch Program, Need to Get Used to Marxist Control

Clinton Cash Becomes Radioactive

Ten Republicans Who Voted for Marxist Loretta Lynch

Insiders Detail Culture of Secrecy at California’s Obamacare Exchange

Report: VA’s Office Colluding with FBI, ATF to Disarm Vets

Report: JPMorgan Chase Bans Storage of Cash in its Safety Deposit Boxes

The Big Idea: California Is So Over

The Scorching of California

Liberal Environmental Policies Largely to Blame for Californian Drought

Obama Lied to Us for Years About How Close Iran Is to a Nuclear Bomb

Caller: I Pay $700 a Month for Same Health Care Coverage Illegals Get Free

How Innocent Scott Walker Supporters Were Persecuted in Wisconsin

Christians Purged from Military

The Global Liquidity Squeeze Has Begun

How Reliable Is Reuters?

HEAD of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM

Taxpayers Will Foot the Bill for Rising Interest Rates

Research: Cops KILL THOUSANDS More Americans Than Terrorists

California Parents Shut Down Vote on Mandatory Vaccines

Let’s End The Disastrous “War on Poverty”

U.N.’s Christiana Figueres: Controlling Marxist Kook

IRS Ethics Lawyer Disbarred For Ethics Violations

CBS Employee Who Called “GoFundMe” Pizza Campaign A Fraud Used Same Service For Free Vegas Trip

Why Our Colleges Really Have Become Islands of Supreme Idiocy

Florist Faces Personal Bankruptcy Over Religious Freedom

Feinstein Demands Internet Censorship After FBI “Uncovers” Its Own Bomb Plot

Greece Said To Prepare “Grexit”

Army Seeking ‘Crisis Actors’ for Ohio Military Drill In June Ahead of Jade Helm

FEMA Building Massive Prison Complex

Fed’s startling numbers on student debt

Behind On Your Student Loans? These States Will Take Your Driver’s License

Russian Analyst Calls For Nuclear Attack on Yellowstone

How The Fed Has Failed The Nation (In One Chart)

Obama about to sell us out to his mullah buddies!

De-Dollarization Accelerates As More Of Washington’s “Allies” Defect To China-Led Bank

One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes – Part 2

BOMBSHELL: Intel Chief Clapper ADMITS Obama admin arming terrorists

Seattle’s New $15 Minimum Wage Law Causing Restaurants to Close

FCC to Seize Entire Internet, Cable Spectrum Under 400-Page “Rules”

Obama Policies Makes Poor Poorer

This Is a Declaration of War

Facebook to Collect Users’ Conversations for Advertisers

Americans Say Number One Problem In The Country Is Government

Government Admits It Can’t Fully Guarantee 51% Of Insolvent Pension Plans

The 9/11 Commissioners Were Conspiracy Theorists

Is the Cost of a University Education Today Worth It?

Over 100 US armored vehicles roll into Latvia

More evidence U.S. and Israel directly aiding ISIS

Venezuela installs finger scanners in supermarkets

Children Taken By CPS Wind Up In Sex Trafficking Trade

The “Cataclysmic Conflict” Yet to Come

We Shall Not Weary

Woman Conceived in Rape: “It Hurts” When People Support Abortion

Retarded: Obama: “It’s Easier to Buy a Gun Than a Book or Fresh Vegetable”

More Left-fascism: Undercover journalist who brought down ACORN accosted

Berlin “Stunned” At US Desire For War In Ukraine: While Russia’s envoy

Cheating students more likely to want government jobs, study finds

Planet Fitness Puts Women at Risk Over Political Correctness

Terrified 11 Year Old Boy Executed By Obama-Backed Militias In Iraq

Hillary’s Connection To The Muslim Brotherhood

‘Fiscally conservative’ Republicans want to raise taxes on workers making less than $406,750

Hillary’s email scandal: follow the money

Government exploits students by the billions

Rothschild Warns Investors of ‘Most Dangerous Geopolitical Situation Since WWII’

Hillary Clinton’s Brother Granted Super-Rare Mining Permit from Haiti After State Dept. Sent Country Billions

White House Involved in Illegal Email Scandal With Hillary

ISIS Leader Was Armed & Funded by Obama White House

Did The CIA Assassinate Boris Nemtsov to Blame Putin?

How Black Boxes In Cars Could Prevent You From Driving

Iraqi Forces AGAIN Claim US is Supplying ISIS with Weapon Drops

Obama to form a country within a country

Rape Victim Explains Why She Chose Life for Her Baby

Cuomo deletes state emails to cover tracks

Illegal Immigrants Have Killed ‘A Lot More Americans’ Than ISIS

Majority of Americans Support Invasion of Syria and Iraq to Put Down U.S.-trained Islamic State

Obama to ban bullets by executive action

Guess Who Spent $33 MILLION Paying Race Rioters to Protest in Ferguson

FCC Refuses to Testify Before Congress Ahead of Internet Takeover

Ex-FCC Chief “Shocked” by Feds’ Attempt to Regulate Internet

Iraq Accuses Britain of Delivering Weapons to Islamic State

President Obama And The FCC Are Going To Take Over The Internet On February 26th


Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to meet with Senate Democrats

Saudi Arabia condemns man to death for renouncing Islam…

Ex-FCC Chief “Shocked” by Feds’ Attempt to Regulate Internet

Expert Prepper Reveals What To Hoard

Washington Has Resurrected The Threat Of Nuclear War

Cover-Up of Obama’s Ukrainian Atrocities


Hillary Clinton Exposed: How She Aggressively Lobbied For Mega Corporations

Obama to Give Jihadists the Ability to Order Airstrikes

Iranian VP: CIA Behind Islamic State

Feminist: Allowing Women to Carry on Campus “Devalues Sexual Assault”

Say Good-bye to Internet Freedom

Feminists Mute on Muslim Rape Epidemic Sweeping Europe

Ugly Marxism: The True Face of the New Feminism

U.S., Turkey Sign Deal to Openly Arm ISIS-Linked Syrian Rebels

NATO Prepares for War with Russia in Europe

After Blizzard Closes Campus, Harvard Spends $800,000 to Combat “Global Warming”

CIA Funds Execution of Egyptian Christians

Q&A: Explaining ‘Audit the Fed’

Obama Admin. Says Muslims Join ISIS Because They Lack Job Opportunities

China’s Censorship Agency Releases Theme Song

Obama To Ban Common AR-15 Ammo In Move To Suppress Ownership Of Rifles

Was Barack Obama A Foreign Exchange Student?

Obama’s Moral Idiocy

Darwin Day in America Exposes the Rise of “Totalitarian Science” in the Age of Obama

TSA Demands Internal Passport for Domestic Travel

ISIS Faked Jordanian Pilot Burning; Voice of Israel Guest

Democrat Strategist: My Party Is The ‘Dictator To The Common Man’

World Council of Churches Feeds the Monster

Samsung’s Smart TV: Private Conversations Being Sent to Internet Server

Report: Obama’s Drone Bombings Have Killed More People Than Spanish Inquisition

Muslim Brotherhood Comes to the White House

Greek FinMin Warns “Euro Will Collapse If Greece Exits”, Says Italy Is Next

The Singularity Is Already Here – It’s Name Is Big Data

U.S. Pushes For War In Europe

Gallup CEO Fears He Might “Suddenly Disappear” for Questioning U.S. Jobs Data

Rita Katz is at it again — Fake ISIS video exposed

‘Group-Thinking’ the World into a New War

Obama IRS Should Face Justice

The Dark Nexus of Mind Control and Artificial Intelligence

Why I Hate the Super Bowl

Insanity Reigns

Communist Party Announces Alignment With Democrats

Arrogant Socialists Live It Up Davos on Taxpayers’ Dime

Apple iPhone with Secret iFeature Allows Government to Spy on You

German Court Rules Men Can Urinate While Standing

American Boots on the Ground in Ukraine

‘Hating Whitey’: Arizona State stirs pot teaching ‘the problem of whiteness’ class

Six examples Obama is purposefully enabling the Islamist cause

Deaths Of “Gray State” Director And Family Under Investigation

The Digital Arms Race: NSA Preps America for Future Battle

Muslim Call to Prayer to be Chanted Every Friday at Duke University

Polosi Will Appoint Muslim Brotherhood Front Man to House Intelligence Committee

ISIS Hack of Pentagon Twitter Accounts Traced Back to Maryland

Evidence reveals CIA, FBI complicit in allowing Paris shooting to happen

Ron Paul: “Reality Is Now Setting In For America

“I Can’t Believe” This is Happening in America

Government Cracks Down on Preppers

Psychologist Lists 8 Reasons Young Americans Don’t Fight Back

FCC Chairman Strongly Hints He’ll Favor Internet Reclassification

Is College worth it?

US still arms ISIS at tax payer expense

Want to avoid being called a racist? Pay Al Sharpton

The Bubble to End All Bubbles

PhD Puppy mills

North Korea/Sony Show How Eagerly U.S. Media Still Regurgitate Government Claims

The Specter That Haunts America: Marxist Hate

Police Continue Militarization Amid Disarmament of Citizens

Lying Obama & FBI Strike North Korea with Sanctions

Mystery: Sandy Hook Victim Dies (again) in Pakistan

Schools Track Students with 30,000 Surveillance Cameras

FCC Decides Fate of the Internet

The Obamacare Scam

What is America’s survival plan?

Obama Imposed 75,000 Pages of New Regulations in 2014

U.S. Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned Into Indoctrination Centers

Gruber In 2009: Obamacare Will NOT Be Affordable

2014: The Year Feminists Lost the Debate

FBI Busted Falsely Blaming North Korea for Sony Hack

FBI Still Blames North Korea Despite Experts’ Evidence

As Medicaid Rolls Swell, Cuts in Payments to Doctors Threaten Access to Care

Destruction Of The Middle Class Is Nearing The Final Stages

U.S. Gov’t. Seeks Excuse to Nuclear-Attack Russia

Al Qaeda was not involved in the attacks of September 11


Facebook Plays Gatekeeper And Filters Things You Aren’t Supposed To See

Senate Bill Calls for Political Warfare Against Russia

Thinkers Who Challenged the State

Senate Passes Budget Over 6X Larger Than Number of Galaxies in Universe

10 George Orwell Quotes That Predicted Life In 2014 America

Why Milennials Are Stuck Living At Home With Parents

War Drums Beat Louder & Faster Between U.S. & Russia

“Don’t Expect To See Obama Here, Black Issues Don’t Matter To Him”

What’s in the spending bill?

Another Government Scam – Small Business Administration (SBA)

The Fed’s Economic Coup

Forget Stocks, This is the REAL Crisis That’s Coming

Charles Barkley on Ferguson: Al Sharpton Part Of “Same Sad Sack Of Black Characters

FBI Worked to Debunk ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Following Michael Hastings’ Death

FBI Report Accidentally Exposes The Severity Of The Police State

Federal Reserve Is At The Heart Of Debt Enslavement System That Dominates Our Lives

Ponzi: Treasury Issues $1T in New Debt in 8 Weeks—To Pay Old Debt

Did They Want More Violence In Ferguson? 10 ‘Coincidences’ Too Glaring To Ignore

The Last Time The Price Of Oil Crashed Like This?

Will the government eventually have to take care of almost all of us?

Ferguson Verdict Explodes Media’s Lying Racial Narrative

Forget Orwell And Rand, We’ve Gone To Full On Plato

Schlafly: Obama could launch another Civil War

ObamaCare in 2015: Premiums and Penalties Up

Illinois Pension Debt Soars To $111 Billion

Here We Go Again: Demand For Subprime Debt Is “Out Of Control”

Gruber Obama’s Top Expert in 2008 Presidential Campaign

Off-Shore Foreign Banks Will Fight Republican Efforts to Dismantle Obamacare

Uber Executive Suggests Digging Up Dirt On Journalists

Ex-Obama Aide Demolishes NY Times Claim That Gruber’s Role Was “Limited”

St. Louis Cop: ‘Get a Gun, We Can’t Protect You’

Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks

Sovereignty Series: Lost in America

Racists Demand Amnesty

America Truly Is Becoming A ‘1984’ Society

9 Of The Biggest Myths People Believe About ‘The System’

WWII Was Not the Good War

CAIR has been declared a TERRORIST organization by a Middle East ally of the U.S.!

Obamacare architect knew U.S. workers would lose job-based insurance

Obama’s Taxing Plan to Regulate the Internet

News Alert: Income Inequality is Not What You’re Being Told

Democrats ‘Lied About Everything’ to Pass Obamacare

Obama Plans to Wreak Havoc on Economy in Name of Debunked Global Warming Hoax

MARK LEVIN: “This is what revolutions are made of…I’m not kidding”

BREAKING: Third Gruber Video About Obamacare Fooling American Voters

The United Nations Grabs for Internet Control (Video)

‘Too Stupid’: In 2nd Video, Obamacare Architect Insults Public

Obama Signs “Climate” Deal With Communist Dictator, GOP Balks

BOWING TO ISLAM: School District Removes Religious Holidays From Calendar After Muslim Demands


Obamacare architect: We passed the law thanks to the ‘stupidity of the American voter’

24 Reasons Why Millennials Are Screaming Mad

ObamaCare Architect Admits “Lack Of Transparency” Is Huge Advantage Against “Stupidity Of The American Voter”

UN to Take Guns from Americans

CNN Death Spiral: Special Report

ATTKISSON: I Was Spied On Through SKYPE…

Secret Features Hidden in Your Smart TV

A mass sterilization exercise’: Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine

Mexico named a lawless state by rights organization

The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control

Verizon Wireless Injects Perma-Cookies to Track Mobile Customers, Bypassing Privacy Controls


Dollar and BRICS Usher in SDR Liquidity

Who Holds Our Debt?

Has Washington Just Shot Itself in the Oily Foot?

If You Really Think It Matters Which Party Controls the Senate

US Pension Plans Need Massive $110 Billion In 7 Years, Moodys Warns

We Have Just Witnessed The Last Gasp Of The Global Economy

90 Yr-Old Threatened with 60 days in Jail For Feeding Homeless People

US Destroying Syria’s Oil Infrastructure Under Guise of Fighting ISIS

College Students Sign Petition to Kill Newborns

Fed-Backed Study: How to Brainwash Public into Fearing “Climate Change” Like Ebola

Putin to Western elites: Play-time is over

U.S. Government Orders 250,000 Hazmat Suits to be Sent to Dallas

American Red Cross: A Corporate Fleecing Operation Exploiting Natural Disasters

What Sharyl Attkisson reports in her new books is truly frightening

Quarantined Nurse Kaci Hickox Misled Public – Works for CDC

State Dept plans to bring foreign Ebola patients to USA…

Obama and voting machines switching Republican votes

ISIS is Islam!

FBI created fake Seattle Times Web page

99.6 Percent of Patriot Act ‘Sneak & Peek’ Searches Unrelated to Terrorism

Charles Barkley and the Plague of ‘Unintelligent’ Blacks

Rockefeller Foundation Document Envisions Pandemic Police State Scenario

DOJ Furious at Mike Brown Autopsy Leak

Hillary Clinton touts affordable higher education in $225k Las Vegas speech

Central Banker Admits Central Bank Policy Leads To Wealth Inequality

Airdrop to Islamic State is Propaganda Ploy for Boots on the Ground in Syria

The Fed’s Hands Are Tied Unless the Market Crashes

An atheist explains the real consequences of adopting an atheistic worldview

Trump: Something absolutely mentally wrong with Obama

Fed-backed TWITTER study draws fire

Transhumanism: Nine technologies that could be implanted inside you

The Great Father’s Ebola Solution: More Government Corruption

Pentagon plans to deploy military inside U.S.

Ebola: Liberia deaths ‘far higher than reported’ as officials downplay epidemic

US Soldiers WON’T Get Protective Hazmat Suits for Mission in W Africa…

Wealth Inequality Is Not A Problem, It’s A Symptom

Matt Drudge Tweets Dire Warning: “Self-Quarantine”

Reading The Road Map To A Police State

Insiders Blame Rove for Covering Up Iraq’s Real WMD

Sheila Jackson Lee – No Reason To Ban Ebola Travelers Until We Reach An Epidemic

CBS reporter deletes snarky tweet wondering when “Rand Paul became a doctor”

Michelle Nunn Too? Georgia Democrat Won’t Admit She Voted For Obama

Idiot Alert: CDC Head Dr. Tom Frieden Behind NYC Smoking/Soda Bans

CDC: 7th U.S. Death Linked to Polio-Like Respiratory Virus

Here’s Info Justice Dept. Won’t Give Congress in Fast & Furious

List of United States federal executive orders 13489 and above

Is A Possible Ebola Cure Being Hidden From the Public?

Republicans More Informed Than Democrats, According to Pew Research

FBI Director: If Apple and Google Won’t Decrypt Phones, We’ll Force Them To

It’s Time to Remove Obama from Office- Before He Gets Us All Killed

Doctor: U.S. Army Rejected Successful Ebola Drug 2 Weeks Before Outbreak

2nd Ebola Nurse Called CDC Before Boarding Plane, CDC OK’ed It

Houston Demands to See Pastors’ Sermons a Chilling Attempt to Silence Free Speech

Washington State: Bill Gates is Coming for Your Guns

Obamacare likely to cost $300 billion more than thought

NIH: ‘Vaccinate the Whole Country’ with Experimental Ebola Vaccine

No Global Warming Crisis

12 Charts That Show The Permanent Damage That Has Been Done To The US Economy

Censorship Alert: the Alternative Media Harassed by the NSA

Americans face post-foreclosure hell


No warming in deep ocean

This is the most dangerous stock market since 2008

The Mattera-Hannan Treatment

The CDC Is A Joke

DHS Chief: Americans ‘Susceptible to Claims That We Have an Open, Porous Border’

Feds Arrest Four ISIS Terrorists in Texas

Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning

Ebola Aerosolized!

18 Sobering Facts About The Unprecedented Student Loan Debt Crisis

Our ‘Enemies’ in Ukraine Speak

Obama’s First-Amendment Defense of Political Liars

Biden Lies Profusely About Ukraine US Puppets

“Apocalyptic Scenario”: Discoverer of Ebola Fears Virus Could Mutate

End Of The Empire

The Joe Biden Apology Tour Hits Saudi Arabia

Largest-ever study provides evidence that ‘near-death’ experiences may be real

La Raza lobbyist heads to Senate Judiciary Committee…

ISIS Crosses Obama’s Open Border

A Special Message from the Centers for Disease Control

Student loans hit record high of $1.2 trillion…

CIA Insider Warned of Ebola False Flag in September

Agent: Immigrants from Ebola-stricken Countries Caught at Border

Feds are avoiding their own disease protocols, says emergency responder

ISIS’ Ammunition Is Shown to Have Origins in U.S. and China

Biden Unplugged

Obama’s “War on Ebola” or War for Oil?

The Dallas Ebola Case: An Immigration-Related Process Conspiracy?

Women Against Feminism

Was Ebola Designed as Bioterrorism Weapon and is Already Airborne?

Rand Paul: “Political Correctness” Hindering Scientific Decisions On Ebola Outbreak

Shock Image Shows Unprotected Workers Cleaning up ‘Ebola Vomit’ in Dallas

The Beheading Psy-Ops: Both Foley and Sotloff have intelligence connections

Video: ACLU Member Claims Christians In America Just As Extreme As ISIS

Doctor: U.S. Army Rejected Successful Ebola Drug 2 Weeks Before Outbreak

2nd Ebola Nurse Called CDC Before Boarding Plane, CDC OK’ed It

Houston Demands to See Pastors’ Sermons a Chilling Attempt to Silence Free Speech

Washington State: Bill Gates is Coming for Your Guns

Obamacare likely to cost $300 billion more than thought

NIH: ‘Vaccinate the Whole Country’ with Experimental Ebola Vaccine

No Global Warming Crisis

12 Charts That Show The Permanent Damage That Has Been Done To The US Economy

Censorship Alert: the Alternative Media Harassed by the NSA

Americans face post-foreclosure hell


No warming in deep ocean

This is the most dangerous stock market since 2008

The Mattera-Hannan Treatment

The CDC Is A Joke

DHS Chief: Americans ‘Susceptible to Claims That We Have an Open, Porous Border’

Feds Arrest Four ISIS Terrorists in Texas

Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning

Ebola Aerosolized!

18 Sobering Facts About The Unprecedented Student Loan Debt Crisis

Our ‘Enemies’ in Ukraine Speak

Obama’s First-Amendment Defense of Political Liars

Biden Lies Profusely About Ukraine US Puppets

“Apocalyptic Scenario”: Discoverer of Ebola Fears Virus Could Mutate

End Of The Empire

The Joe Biden Apology Tour Hits Saudi Arabia

Largest-ever study provides evidence that ‘near-death’ experiences may be real

La Raza lobbyist heads to Senate Judiciary Committee…

ISIS Crosses Obama’s Open Border

A Special Message from the Centers for Disease Control

Student loans hit record high of $1.2 trillion…

CIA Insider Warned of Ebola False Flag in September

Agent: Immigrants from Ebola-stricken Countries Caught at Border

Feds are avoiding their own disease protocols, says emergency responder

ISIS’ Ammunition Is Shown to Have Origins in U.S. and China

Biden Unplugged

Obama’s “War on Ebola” or War for Oil?

The Dallas Ebola Case: An Immigration-Related Process Conspiracy?

Women Against Feminism

Was Ebola Designed as Bioterrorism Weapon and is Already Airborne?

Rand Paul: “Political Correctness” Hindering Scientific Decisions On Ebola Outbreak

Shock Image Shows Unprotected Workers Cleaning up ‘Ebola Vomit’ in Dallas

The Beheading Psy-Ops: Both Foley and Sotloff have intelligence connections

Video: ACLU Member Claims Christians In America Just As Extreme As ISIS

Immigration Expert: Obama Admin Responsible for Letting Ebola Patient into U.S.

White Lesbian Sues Sperm Bank After Having Black Baby

Hysterical Climate Change Zealots Say Global Warming Causes Gravity Loss And Terrorism

“The Terrorists R Us.” The Islamic State “Big Lie”

Is the U.S. Secretly Egging On Hong Kong Protesters?

9/11 Truth Activist Surrenders to UK Police for Espousing ‘Extremist’ Ideologies

Beware of Obamanomics: White Paper

Executive Order 12333 Authorizes Majority Of Dragnet Surveillance Programs

The U.S. Government Is Borrowing About 8 Trillion Dollars A Year

The Fed’s “Stealth Bailout” Of Foreign Banks Goes Mainstream

Obama Lied About ISIS

No, America Isn’t Communist; It’s Only 70% Communist

Obama has had accurate intelligence about ISIS since BEFORE the 2012 election

The Populist Threat to Liberal Democracy

The Khorasans: As Fake As the Kardashians

Congressmembers Urge Military Officers to Rebel Against Obama

FBI Says No One Killed at Sandy Hook

US Propaganda Enters Into Insane, Irrational Overdrive In Attempt to “Sell” War In Syria

Holder resigns after years of lawlessness

Australia Unleashes Draconian New Anti-Terror Law Orgy Of Baseless Fear-Mongering

A Look Inside The Secret Deal With Saudi Arabia That Unleashed The Syrian Bombing

Central Banking Is The Problem, Not The Solution

5 U.S. Banks Each Have More Than 40 Trillion Dollars In Exposure To Derivatives

Obama’s Memo on Killing Americans Twists ‘Imminent Threat’ Like Bush

Evidence: Turkish TV Staged Beheadings

Kurds Accuse Turkey of Backing IS Militants

PR Firm Pulls ‘Emma Watson Naked Pics’ False Flag to Push For Internet Censorship

Special relativity aces time trial

How Ebola Will Irreversibly Transform America

The Secret Service Thinks We Are Fools

University Orders Fraternities To Begin Accepting Women…

“Climate Hustle” Film Coming Soon

LA Times questions ‘global warming?’

Obamacare Death Panels

University Students Can’t Name Single U.S. Senator

VIDEO: Dicaprio loses his hearing when asked about his yachts…

Suspicions Run Deep in Iraq That CIA and the Islamic State Are United

600 Tons of Weapons Given to Syrian Rebels Last Year Made ISIS Stronger

Soldiers Train to Shoot Zombies During Ebola-Like Emergency

Why Won’t the College Board Reveal Its AP U.S. History Authors?

One quarter of Americans open to idea of secession

D.I.V.O.R.C.E Agreement

Joe Biden praises Bob Packwood at Democrat women’s conference

read: found in basement of Muslim by FBI

ObamaCare architect Ezekiel Emanuel has anounced the ‘optimal age of death’

Boehner & Pelosi Fund Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, Syrian Revolutionaries

Censored information implicates Saudi Arabia in 9/11 attacks

Former Navy SEAL: More Than 90 Percent Of Troops Do Not Support Obama…

Suppose They Gave a Climate Conference and Nobody Came

Evolution of the Obama Doctrine

Mystery of Rogue Cell Towers Discovered

NY Times Admits “Assault Weapons Are A Myth”

The Mythic World of Women’s Studies

Anti-Feminism is the New Feminism

U.S. Nets Joins British Authorities in Hushing Muslim Sex Abuse Scandal

Schools stockpile grenade launchers, M16 rifles, armored vehicles and other military equipment

Navy Illegally Hacking ‘All Civilian Computers’ in Several States

Immigration Agent Union: Obama Admin ‘Widened the Loopholes’ for ISIS to Enter U.S.

How the West Created the Islamic State

“Moderate” Syrian Rebels Sign Non-Aggression Pact With ISIS; Iraq Defies US

‘The White House is the headquarters of ISIL’: Iran Commander

NSA Threatened Massive Fines to Force Yahoo to Participate in PRISM Program

Obama’s Plan To Fight ISIS Is One Big Joke

The Myth of Moderate Islam

Obama State Dept orders 160,000 Ebola Hazmat suits, why?

James Foley’s Brother: Obama Regime Threatened Us – Tea Party News

Woman found functioning without a cerebellum in her brain

9/11 First Responders Denied Access to Memorial Ceremony.

A Different Opinion on Smart Meter “Phobia” – Dr. Rich Swier

MARK LEVIN: We are witnessing a gradual, quiet COUP!

A Primer on Successfully Combating the Alinsky Method

Sheriff Warns Obama Admin: Attempt To Disarm Citizens Would Lead To ‘All-Out Civil War’

UNREAL: Muslims in U.S. Openly Wearing ISIS Logo

It’s Now 17 Years And 11 Months Since The Earth Warmed

Health Reform: Who Are They Trying To Fool?

Nearly 1 in 3 schoolchildren in CA are illegal or don’t speak English…

Your Child’s School Might Be Pushing Zinn’s Marxist View of US History

Hillary: “Climate Change Is The Most Urgent, Consequential Challenge We Face”

Will Fact Ever Displace Anti-Israel Fiction?

Useful Idiots and the Something For Nothing Society – Part 5 of 5

FBI Says Americans More Dangerous Than ISIS Invasion

La Raza: ‘We’re Done Waiting’…


Black Unemployment Hits 11.4%…

Record Number of Foreign-Born Hold Jobs in USA…

CDC Cover-up On Vaccines?

Merck developer admits vaccines contain hidden cancer viruses

18 Signs That The Obama Administration Is Openly Hostile To The Military

Mystery of Rogue Cell Towers Discovered

Martin Armstrong Asks “Has Western Society Become Fascist?”

Common Core Teacher Takes Nearly a Minute to Solve 9+6=15

ELEVEN missing airplanes seized in Libya could be used for terrorist attack on 9/11

CIA Admitted to Staging Fake Jihadist Videos in 2010

What the United Nations Doesn’t Want You to Know

Disturbing Report: ISIS Fighter Worked at Minneapolis Airport

The U.S. Government Can Brand You a Terrorist Based on a Facebook Post

DOJ To Give Money From Bank Of America Settlement To Liberal Activist Groups

America’s Oil Boom – World’s Largest

Myth of arctic meltdown

Obama Has Authorized A False Flag Nuclear Strike On CHICAGO

Gov. Jerry Brown Announces Collapse of California and Ultimately the U.S.

Embryonic Stem Cell Hype Encore

DOJ To Give Money From Bank Of America Settlement To Liberal Activist Groups

Feds’ Bulletin Describes Threat of Imminent Terrorist Attack on Southern Border

Is the Unemployment Rate Accurate?

Lower corporate tax rates. Now.

Democrats: Climate Change Is as Frightening as ISIS

Why The Earthquake Near San Francisco Is Just The Start Of The Shaking In California

‘Kill Switch’ Smart Phone Bill Passes In California

Lindsey Graham Tells Obama ‘Go To War In Iraq Or American Cities Will Burn In Flames’

Facebook Emotional Experiment Linked To Pentagon Research On Civil Unrest

10 George Orwell Quotes That Predicted Life In 2014 America

Latest Fed Confab: More Bank Bailouts, Pension Raids, Taxes, Inflation

Obama administration to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement



Australian scientist calls for ‘heads to roll’ over adjusted temperature data

California Begins Confiscating Legally-Purchased Guns

Obama Blames America For Rise Of ISIS

IRS screwing up Obamacare tax collection, audit shows

Foley rescue plan was ready, but Obama delayed authorization for 30 days

As Higher Ed Implodes, College Leaders Accuse Peers of Dereliction of Duty

Obamacare Is A Disaster For Businesses, Philly Fed Finds

James Foley Rescue Mission Failed Because Obama ‘Dragged His Feet’

California’s Water Wars

1st Step to destroy private property rights: Groundwater control

Hillary’s Straw Man Argument Against Second Amendment Backfires

Transhumanism’s Eugenics Authoritarianism

Yea!! Pepperdine doesn’t tolerate Leftist Hate Speech!

The Intolerance Behind Elizabeth Warren’s 11 Commandments of Progressivism

Is Thinking Obsolete?

Digital Privacy: Black Paper

Here’s How To Take Back Your Digital Privacy

What The Appalling Gutierrez (LA RAZA) Tells Us About Treason and American Identity

National Preparedness for Potential Ebola Outbreak

Obamacare is a Catastrophe That Cannot Be Fixed

Poll: Federal government is Public Enemy No. 1

Another Obama Lie

Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ policies led to a 23 percent decrease in wages since 2008

BENGHAZI-GATE EXPLODES: Congressional Investigators Say Hillary Clinton Lied

ISIS Threatens Holocaust Against Jews

Top insurers say Obamacare exchange enrollment is shrinking fast

AGENDA 21: Risky Business: Billionaires Hype Climate for Power and Profit

US Sanctions On Russia May Sink The Dollar

Holy War Arrives in Germany

Julian Simon–a most important intellectual

Texas may ignore EPA climate rule

“All Hell Will Break Loose” in Financial Markets

Muslim Admits That Islam Allows the Rape and Impregnation of War Captives

The Fraud of Islam

Is Barack Obama Mentally Unstable?

An Undercover Look Inside ISIS

Psychopolitical Enmification of Christians as Mentally Diseased

Follow the money on College Boards SAT

ISIS Demands American Blood: Jihadists Call For Attacks On US Interests Worldwide

Bolton: World Has Descended Into Chaos Under Obama

Obama government lost $619 billion from agency budgets

Do You favor the BLEED Act, Or Are You a Racist?

Petrodollar Under Threat As Russia And Iran Sign Historic Oil Deal

Student Loans Are Crushing The Housing Recovery

ISIS Marches On (And The Saudis Are Getting Nervous)

Common Core ‘Will Move U.S. Closer to Bottom in International Ranking’

(Liberal) Moms Demand Action Ditch Illinois Event

The Rise Of The Petroyuan And The Slow Erosion Of Dollar Hegemony

Are you losing your state university? Illinois has

Russian Gang Amasses Over a Billion Internet Passwords

Piketty’s Capital: Wrong Theory/Destructive Program

The Most Powerful Extremist Organization In History


Sandy Hook Hoax

THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED: No Global Warming For Nearly 18 Years

ISIS Praises John McCain for Helping them Invade Iraq

UK: Muslims Taunt Jews By Shouting “Heil Hitler”…

Internationalists Are Pushing The World Towards Globally Engineered Economic Warfare

Hamas’ Too-Little-Known Fascist Charter

Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee: Beyond Retarded

Harry Reid Advances Constitutional Amendment to Limit Free Speech

Obama and the US Army Open the Door to the UN

Harry Reid, Democrats block aid to Israel

IRS to Snoop on Church Sermons

Mark Levin Interviews High-Level Hamas Defector

The “Real” State Of The Economy

Video: Meltdown America

Israel TV Leaks Damning Transcript Of Obama-Netanyahu Phone Call

Russia Prepares To Unleash Retaliatory Trade Wars

Sandra Fluke Can’t Afford $9 Birth Control, Gives Campaign $100,000

MSNBC: ‘Keep it right here on Morning Jew’…

Liberal interventionists silent on ISIS’s medieval brutality

Victims of illegal alien horrific crimes invite Boehner to border

UN Official admits Hamas firing rockets “from the vicinity of UN facilities”

Open Borders Invite Threat Of Ebola Terrorism, Says CDC’s O’Connor

This is an #Obama-sanctioned invasion of our Country!

Feds Urge Paramedics, Firefighters to Help Find “Extremists”

Islamists Order Genital Mutilation for All Females

Christians are massacred in Iraq, laid-back Obama maintains his shameful silence

Pregnant Woman Prevented From Reaching Hospital by Obama’s Fundraising Motorcade

Capitalist-hater Michael Moore owns 9 properties (with huge pantries apparently)

New Report from Princeton and Northwestern Proves It: The U.S. is an Oligarchy

University of Wisconsin mulls ‘diversity-based grading’

Billionaire Warns: Yellen Collapse ‘Will Be Unlike Any Other’…

Planet To Adopt The ‘National Identification System’ ?

Obama Administration Pilots Internet IDs, A Great Way to Shut Down Dissent

Democrats Pushing Constitutional Amendment to Change Bill of Rights

Western aid going to help territory held by Isis militants

CDC’s National Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System is spying on kids & parents

British Spies “Seed the Internet With False Info, Control YouTube and Manipulate Online Polls”

Where The Real Inflation Is

Electrical Grid May Well Be The Next War’s Battlefield

The Worst Investment You Can Make: Buying a Home

Secret evacuation plan in case Yellowstone megavolcano erupts?

Obama Regime Bribing Health Insurance Companies To Keep Rates Down Ahead of Midterms

CBO Report Shows Why National Debt is not Just a Number

When You See This Happen, You Know It’s Game Over For The Dollar

Dianne Feinstein’s Latest Attack On Privacy, Civil Liberties And The Internet

The Head Of ‘The Central Bank Of The World’ Warns That Another Great Financial Crisis May Be Coming

BRICS Announce $100 Billion Reserve To Bypass Fed, Developed World Central Banks

Mainstream Economists Prove Krugman Wrong About Hayek and Mises

Bubbles Everywhere: Krugman Wrong Again; Austrians And The BIS Are Correct

DHS Secretly De-Listed Radical Islamists Coming to the U.S.

Gohmert: ‘Our Continued Existence Is at Risk’ with Border

Illegals arrive in North Carolina, shop at Walmart with EBT cards

Group At Center Of IRS Scandal Has Never Been Interviewed By FBI

Saul Alinsky’s son: “Obama learned his lesson well”

CONFIRMED: Senate Republican Leaders Paid for Attacks Against Conservatives

Hitler’s “Big Lie” reborn: US lies for war

Big Business Interests Making Amnesty Push

Wife Says a VA Hospital Told Her That Her Husband Was Dead

3 Myths of the Highway Fund ‘Crisis’

MS-13 Actively Recruiting Illegal Alien Minors at U.S. Shelters

Navigator directory reads like the directory of hardcore left wing groups. You wont believe…!

Newly Revealed Contract Proves Obama Planned Border Invasion

Germany Instructs Its Companies To Limit Cooperation, Procurement Orders With The US

NSA Whistleblower Speaks: “The Ultimate Goal is Total Population Control”

“Planned Chaos” – Why Fiat Money Is “A Large-Scale Fraud System”

TSA Allowing Illegals to Fly Without Verifiable ID

An immigrant surge en route to a Third World USA

The Real Reasons Why The Liberty Movement Is Preparing To Fight

DHS Trashes Couple’s Home, Strips Woman Naked at Gunpoint, Offers No Explanation

Cesar Chavez Believed Embracing Illegal Immigration Wasn’t ‘Compassionate’

Ambassador Stephens Death and the Coming Military Coup

Holly Fisher getting death threats after her Hobby Lobby, July 4th photos went viral

MS-13 Actively Recruiting Obama’s Flood of Illegal Aliens at U.S. Shelters

Resolution Filed for Arrest of Lois Lerner!

11 Shocking Facts About America’s Militarized Police Forces

Hospitals Are Mining Patients’ Credit Card Data to Predict Who Will Get Sick

‘Smart’ street lights that “track everything we do all the time”

Facebook apologises for psychological experiments on users

US lies for war with Iran bigger, more Orwellian than war lies with Iraq

Endgame response to Karl Rove

U.S. Elite Run a Ukrainian Genocide

Central Bank: Digital currencies could ‘challenge sovereignty’ and government finances

Federalist 46: Americans Exceptional Because Armed

Feds to Bring in Riot Squad Against Illegal Immigration Protesters

Univ. of Texas Admissions Based on Race & Political Beliefs

Elizabeth Warren at Center of CFPB Scandal

The New Aristocracy

Dollar Reserve Currency Nears End

New border risk: ISIS ties to Mexican drug lords

Islamic Terrorists Caught Crossing Our Open Border

Obama’s Terrorist Friends

Obama sneaks in 1300 pages of new healthcare laws on July 4th

BLM Land Grab That Will End Private Property Rights

Brown Shirts Enforcing the Secrecy of Obama’s Refugee Camps

ISIS: Give over girls for ‘sex jihad’

Black pastor: Cochran paid for votes: Can we ever trust the electoral process again?

Obama’s Secret Directive Supporting Global Islamism

Muslim Ramadan Message Declares They Will Invade Rome

The Kelly File Special – ‘America’ by Dinesh D’Souza

Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up

Obama’s goons threaten Infowars arrest for reporting illegals

‘Allah’ became the god of Islam

Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record High

Should Americans Continue Paying Taxes to the IRS

Fox News one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors for better part of two decades

We Must Deflate our Vain & Superficial Celebrity Worship Culture

The Trigger Event for the UN Takeover of the US

Who Will Be In Charge of the UN Takeover of America?

Mark Levin: Government Is “Simulating the Collapse of Our Financial System

IRS Admits Guilt

The claims of 97% consensus are a massive lie.

Newspaper Admits: “We Were Wrong” to Endorse Obama… He’s a “Failure”

McDaniel Supporters Barred From Reviewing Voter Rolls AFTER Fraud Found

SHOCK STUDY: All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants…

Coal Giant CEO: Obama is destroying America and he must be stopped!

McDaniel says they’ve already found over 1,000 illegal votes in one county alone

OR residents face ‘no-refusal’ blood-draw checkpoints…

How The Fed Distorts Everything

Our ‘aiding’ the Free Syrian Army is the cause of the quagmire happening in Iraq

Government relentlessly seeks internet control

Obama’s IRS also targeted pro-Israel Z-Street

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution

Affordable Care Act employees are set to receive $650,000 in bonuses

Proof That Government Economic Numbers Are Being Manipulated

The Bill of No Rights

Disaster: GDP Crashes To -2.9%, Lowest Since 2009, Far Below The Worst Expectations

The Fed Misrepresenting Inflation to Justify Inept Policy

How Bankers Use Fake Inflation Rates to Spread Epic Lies

ISIS Holds Parade With Captured US Military Vehicles

UC Professor: Immigration Influx is About ‘Re-Education’ of Society

Obama Appoints Anti-Business Activist Head of DOJ Division

Despicable GOP flyer – The Tea Party intends to prevent blacks from voting

Email Scandle: IRS wanted to attack GOP Senator

Poor care at VA hospitals cost 1,000 veterans their lives, report says

Liberal Republican Recruits Democrats to Beat Tea Party Challenger

Networks Cover Kochs 9 Times More Than Top Liberals

Democrat Senators Signed Letter Asking IRS To Crack Down On Conservative Groups

I Beg You to Reveal the Truth About Hillary Clinton

Only CBS Evening News Covers Latest IRS Hearings

ISIS plans to destroy “Zionist regime” in Israel – with nukes if necessary.

Epic Fail: 2.8% got insurance through ObamaCARE exchanges

Another Business Moves Abroad, Leaving Behind High U.S. Taxes

Grand Theft Obama: The Biggest Heist in U.S. History

IRS Chief Koskinen Has Donated Big to Democrats Over the Years

IRS scoreboard: 100 percent of “targeted” liberal groups were approved

New Plan To Tax U.S. Citizens Per Mile They Drive

How a Country Dies

Hillary has a bad heart, weak and sickly.

CNN: We won’t be covering Benghazi

Chicago installing data collection boxes that will “observe cell phone traffic”

ISIS Terrorists Post a Selfie with John McCain

Americans are getting into debt to afford food, gas

Horribly Racist Comments from Obama Administration Officials

The top 9 times “Obama didn’t know” about scandals

Obama gives your tax dollars to rebuild Muslim mosques around the world

Yellen Starts Her Lying

Clintons Have Three Cayman Island Accounts

VA Officials Knew of False Wait Times, Data Manipulation for 2 Years

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria Orders Unmarried Women to ‘Jihad By Sex’

The EPA was destroying computer files way before those hacks at the IRS

The IRS Missing Email Scandal A Brazen Obstruction Of Justice So damning that a hard drive Armageddon was in order

ISIS Issues Mandate To Single Mosul Women: “Mujahideen Have Right To Rape You”

There is No Doubt the Early Feminists Were Pro-Life on Abortion

The Inconvenient truth about Islamic immigration

Jindal Says Rebellion Brewing against Washington

We’re arming SAME TERRORISTS in Syria that we want to fight in Iraq: Rand Paul

Presbyterian Church votes to stop doing business with Jews

The Obama Death List

Worse Than Watergate: Obama IRS Attacks Americans

America’s expanding police state

Sandy Hook Lead Investigator Dies Suddenly at Age 49

Sex, Lies & Women’s Studies

Corinthian Colleges may shut down after clash with Feds over student data

USPS Explores Attaching Electronic Sensors to Your Mail

Muslims face jail after beating non-Muslim while handing out Islamic tracts

What You Need to Know About Benghazi Suspect’s Terror Group

The Terror Taliban Five and Their 9/11 Role

Is Russia Funding Green Opposition to Fracking?

Sure it’s a coincidence: Lerner’s PC “crashed” 10 days after congressional inquiry

CBS and NBC Skip New VA Scandal Outrage; ABC Gives News Just 14 Seconds

We Don’t Believe the Obama IRS

Senile, Doddering Beltway GOP Begs Democrats to Support Thad Cochran in MS Primary

Energy CEO says Obama DESTROYING low-cost energy with EPA

Tahmooressi’s squadron leader to Obama: The Marines had YOUR back,

The Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act

ISIS puts out photo of members chillin’ with John McCain In Syria

Four former EPA chiefs refuse to endorse Obama’s claims about global warming

What You Are Not Being Told About the Invasion of America

US Republic now gone—Fully replaced by Dictatorship

US dumps hundreds of illegal migrant kids in AZ warehouses

Hillary Compares Gun Owners To Terrorists

Why the Obamas’ REALLY lost their law licenses

Former Abortionist Describes Late-Term Abortion: Limbs Grasped and Removed

This Will Be the Primary Reason for World War III

Obama won’t let FBI acknowledge Islamic Terrorism

World War lll is Happening Now

CNN: Obama Threatened the Families of Benghazi Witnesses

Wealthy Clintons Dodge Taxes

Obama Officials Confirm Sandy Hook Was A Drill

Was Sandy Hook A False Flag?

Iraq Breaks Down, Oil Surges – The Context Underlying The Growing Crisis

DOJ lawyer says gov’t emails are backed up nightly; calls IRS claim they were deleted ‘laughable’

U.S. Doesn’t Know Who to Hit in Iraq

Jesuits go politically correct

Obamacare’s Unconstitutional 15-Person Death Panel

Egypt Charges Obama and Hillary with Conspiring with Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood

Obama Fiddles While the World Burns

The World Ignites on Obama’s Watch

Terrorists Seized Another Iraqi City While John Kerry Babbled About Global Warming

Obama chastises Romney for calling Russia a threat, wanting troops in Iraq

Bill Clinton NEVER Balanced a Budget and NEVER Ran a Surplus

The Data Is Clear: Free Markets Reduce Poverty

ABC, NBC Continue to Ignore IRS Claim That It Lost 2 Years of Lois Lerner Emails

Obama Urges Bailed-Out Students Recant Their “Climate-Change Skepticism”

3 Obama Contradictions Revealed by the Debacle in Iraq

College students protest fossil fuels, ignore realities

The NSA Faces a Tech Insurgency

Obama Releases another 12 Jihad Terrorists

U.S. “Allies” Are Funding the ISIS Barbarians

How America-Hating Profs Destroyed U.S. Ability to Wage War

Professor Fired For Expressing Doubt About Global Warming

Democrat wants to outlaw Coca Cola

Muslims take steps to nullify First Amendment free speech rights

The Terror Taliban Five and Their 9/11 Role

Actor James Woods Calls Obama a Loser

What You Need to Know About ISIS in Iraq

Endless surge of immigrants

Mexican gang members flood through borders

Matt Salmon To Destroy Obama Regarding Marine Prisoner

Virginia Strikes Massive Blow to Obamacare

30+ States Declare War on “Common Core”

Media Fails to Mention Vegas Shooters Involvement in “Occupy Movement”

Bikers Are Converging On Mexico To Save Our Marine

Facts Are the New Hate

A Lesson In Hunger For Many NJ Students

Tikrit falls to Islamist terrorists

Islamic law sanctions wife beating

Obama & Showtime Admit to Exploiting Extreme Weather Events to ‘Shift’ Public Opinion

Major Jewish Group Expresses Concern About Hagel

Dianne Feinstein Introduces Gun Confiscation Bill

Planned Parenthood Counselors Offered ‘Torture Sex’ Advice to Minors

Obama Gives China Exclusive Right To Bypass Wall Street

Europe Considers Wholesale Savings Confiscation, Enforced Redistribution

The EPAs Hitman

When Democrats Quit on Obama

VA says more than 57,000 patients are waiting for first visit

Obama Unveils Student Loan Debt Bubble Bailout

Obama ‘Committed to Escalating’ Lawlessness

Now Postal Service is Armed to Teeth

CA State Gov. lies on balance sheets to tune of 31 Billion.

The EPA as Super-Legislature

Anger explodes over treatment of Bergdahl’s release

Obama Admits Five Gitmo Detainees Released Could Return to Terrorism

Bergdahl father claims WH for Islam

Government Lays Groundwork To Confiscate Your 401k

Google & NSA: Fascism in Action

V.A. Cops Stomped On Veteran’s Head, Killing Him

Employers to Dump 90% of Health Care Plans: Thanks, ObamaCare!

How Fractional Reserves and Inflation Cause Economic Inequality

CBO on Obama Budget: Higher Deficits than Claimed

FBI chief: ‘Be suspicious’ of government power

Calif. Gets a Taste of Islamic Extremism

Climate Alarmist Ehrlich Predicts Need to ‘Eat the Bodies of Your Dead’

Communism Works?

Fed President: Federal Reserve Is Ticking Time Bomb

Al Qaeda’s in America

Islamic Militants Slaughter 48 Villagers in Nigeria

Islamic Terrorists Train In Oregon

Obama, 2007: Time to End ‘Deplorable Conditions at Some VA Hospitals’

Dem Congressman: ‘We’ve Proved That Communism Works’

VA Whistleblower Exposes Drug Dealing, Theft, Abuse

FBI chief: ‘Be suspicious’ of government power

Federal funds earmarked to offset Affordable Care Act insurer losses

47% of Unemployed Have ‘Completely Given Up’ Looking for a Job

Federal ‘Biosurveillance’ Plan Seeking Access to Americans’ Private Medical Records

German party accused of neo-Nazi traits set for EU parliament

O’Keefe Dupes Hollywood with Fake Anti-Fracking Film

Actual unemployment is 37.2%, ‘misery index’ worst in 40 years

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

Western Washington University Seeks to Ensure Students, Faculty Are Less ‘White’

Will: ‘Global Warming Is Socialism by the Back Door’

German Scientists Disturbed By Climate Alarmism

The Internet’s 51 New Regulators

More whistleblowers detail VA abuses, suffer retaliation

Veterans scandal risks engulfing Obama

Scientific community accused of muzzling dissent on global warming

Scientists in cover-up of ‘damaging’ climate view

Study suggests global warming is exaggerated

Climate McCarthyism: The Scandal Grows

Close Coordination Between IRS and Senate Democrat in Tea Party Targeting

Obama Admin. Released 36K Criminal Illegal Aliens in 2013

Pam Geller, A Heroine.

Will Conservatives be Sent to Reeducation Camps?

Sea Level Rise Surprise

French Foreign Minister: ‘500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos’

China-Russia Alliance Shrouded in Mystery

Texas Firm Tracking Your Car With License Plate Cameras

Operation American Spring to hit D.C. to oust Obama, Biden, Boehner, Holder

Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, sex-crimes convicts

$16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts

86M Full-Time Private-Sector Workers Sustain 148M Benefit Takers

CA Bill To Tax Motorists For Every Mile They Drive

Lois Lerner Was in Contact With DOJ About Prosecuting Tax Exempt Groups

Barney Frank Comes Home to the Facts

The Piketty Fallacy

Anti-Semitism on the rise at UCLA

‘A New Level of Secrecy and Control’: Jill Abramson on the Obama White House

Fed Chair: ‘Deficits Will Rise to Unsustainable Levels’

Fed Chair Unsure If Capitalism or Oligarchy Describes the U.S.

I’m worried about a crisis bigger than 2008: Faber

Ukrainian Jews form defense force to combat anti-Semitic attacks

Susan Rice reassures Israel on Iran nuclear ambitions

Yellowstone Volcano Eruption

10% of Tea Party Donors Were Audited By IRS

NSA to Control the Stock Market

Meet Paul Kengor, Commie hunter and historian

Islamist leader threatens to sell abducted girls ‘as slaves’

Odessa Jewish community mulls emergency evacuation

State Department ‘partner’ of fair featuring anti-Semitic books

Russian planes flew near California

Own a small business? Brace for Obamacare pain

Girls abducted by Islamic extremists in Nigeria

Westerners fear Obama preparing monuments land grab

How Risky Is Fracking?

The Ideal Way to Handle Select Committee on Benghazi

1 in 3 Obamacare ‘Enrollees’ Haven’t Paid

Where is the PC Police Now?

The New American Fascism

IRS Seizes Assets of Innocent Americans

Americans Need to Witness This Gruesome Story

They Knew and They Lied About Benghazi

NSA Spies More on Americans Than Russians

Dr. Alveda King Tells Students of Modern Day Black Genocide

CAIR’s Hypocrisy at America’s Schools

Feds consider taking Alaska tribal land into trust

Feds Empowered To Enter Your Property To Inspect Your Cars

China to conduct naval drills with Russia

John Kerry, under fire

Poll: Majority Want More Deportations

U.S. Homeownership Rate Falls to the Lowest Since 1995

‘One Nation Under Allah’: The Islamization of American Public Schools

Study: Common Core Standards Will Have No Impact on Student Achievement

Study: Claims Of Common Core Advocates Not Valid

Nearly 60% Don’t Believe Obamacare Enrollment Numbers

Oregon’s top IT official is recommending Cover Oregon scrap the state’s disastrous online health insurance exchange that failed to sign up a single resident

Sebelius is now refusing to testify

Where Your Money Goes When This Bank Gets Ahold of It

Marijuana Is Harmful: Debunking 7 Myths Arguing It’s Fine

F.D.A. Will Propose New Regulations for E-Cigarettes

Cellulosic ethanol from corn residues produces 7% more GHG than gasoline

Running On Empty: Retirees Fear Losing It All

How to respond to Thomas Piketty’s inequality alarmism

IRS revokes conservative group’s tax-exempt status over anti-Clinton statements

1.5 Billion Hours of Regulatory Paperwork Added Since 2010

U.S. allowed $500 MILLION of weapons to reach al-Qaeda militants

Government Hospitals Kill 40 Vets

TV Movie about Serial Killer Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Joy Brighton Warns Women of Islamic Tyranny

Three cheers for Anonymous!

Global Warming and Settled Science

Another dissent by a former warmer fanatic

Debate Heats Up Over Whether Internet Can Remain Free

2,800 IRS Workers With Conduct Issues Received Performance Awards

Army Veteran’s Rousing Gun Rights Speech to Dem Lawmakers

Thousands of Americans Gave Up Their Citizenship Status Last Year

The left’s most hyped book of the year — is wrong

Female Dem candidate accuses Democrats of ‘War on Women’

FCC to regulate web traffic

87 Percent of Online Spying Comes from Governments

Aborted Babies Could Reduce Greenhouse Gases, Fight Climate Change

Where did Harry Reid get all that money?

The Land Grabbing Feds

Feds to go after E-cigarettes

Texas AG Abbott to BLM: ‘Come and Take It’

Cigar Store Indian Lies Again

Study: Claims Of Common Core Advocates Not Valid

Common Core’s Validation: A Weak Foundation for a Crooked House

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans Fear They Can’t Afford Rent or Mortgage

Over 40,000 voters are registered in both Virginia and Maryland

Internet to come under statist control

647 Trillion!: The Derivatives Time bomb

Common Core’s Climate Indoctrination

Top U.S. Scientific Misconduct Official Quits in Frustration With Bureaucracy

Study: Fuels from corn waste not better than gas

For many Americans, ‘temp’ work becomes permanent way of life

Keynesian Knightmare: US Savers Outnumber Spenders By Record Numbers

Hillary Complained That Internet Has No Gatekeeper

Jews urged to flee Ukraine by Holocaust survivor

Military-style units from government agencies are wreaking havoc on non-violent citizens.

Lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover

Scalia on high taxes: At a certain point, ‘perhaps you should revolt’

Russia’s new culture policy a weapon against West

IRS Now Tracking License Plates

Ukrainian Jews Seek Extra Security

HHS Moves to Cancel More Insurance Plans

Obama adds 26,000 pages of federal law

86M Full-Time Private-Sector Workers Sustain 148M Benefit Takers

Al Qaeda Meets To Eliminate America

IRS Lerner Consulted DOJ to Prosecute Tea Party See Also

New York Gun Owners Shred Registration Forms

Feds seizing tax refunds of children over parents’ Social Security debt?!

A Nefarious Wall Street Practice Quietly Makes a Comeback

Homeowners seeking mortgage relief could get stuck with a big tax bill

Both the Stock Market and the SEC Are Rigged

Jay Carney’s Home Filled With Soviet-Era Propaganda

“The Libertarian Surge”

‘Deliberate Plan by President’ to Collapse U.S. Law Enforcement System

Harvard study: Your share of the federal debt is $106,000

Two New Studies Raise Red Flags on Obamacare

Top economists warn Germany that EMU crisis as dangerous as ever

Thought police on patrol

2014 crash will be worse than 1987’s: Marc Faber

Hillary Clinton Cancels Appearance Where Benghazi Victim’s Mom, Protestors Await

Obama won’t give women equal pay

Tsunami’ of Opposition to Common Core Is About to Hit

No Liberal Group was Targeted By the IRS

How to Fight Poverty — and Win

IPCC Castrophe

Common Core Implementation Will Be Worse Than Obamacare

Climate divide widens under Obama

An Ivy League Nudge-ucation

GOP Supports Obamacare

Mozilla CEO faced ‘new fascism,’ Gingrich says

Jeb Bush: Many illegal immigrants come out of an ‘act of love’

Federal Agencies are armed to the teeth

Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul

Dark markets may be more harmful than high-frequency trading

Jay-Z’s bling from ‘whites are devils’ group

Who Is to Blame for “Islamophobia” in the UK?

Why the NSA Tried to Keep Its Water Use a Secret

Limbaugh’s Terrifying Vision

Muslim leaders stand against gay marriage

The World Braces for Retirement Crisis

Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues

Schools to Hand Over Kids Personal Files for New National Database

More Global Warming Hysteria

Underreported Incident of Domestic Terrorism Might Not Be a Failed Attack at All

Homeland Security Exercise Targets “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny”

IRS Retroactively Taxes Bitcoin

Mozilla CEO Resigns After Furor over Same-Sex Marriage

FEMA’s ‘Inaccurate Guidance’ May Cause NJ Towns to Return Hurricane Sandy Aid

Lacking observable evidence, climate hucksters just crank up the volume: Kevin O’Brien

Is a 1987-type market crash 37 days away?

Fear Obama Will Let Russia Seize Internet Power

Employers Say Obamacare Will Cost Them $5,000 More Per Employee

EPA tested deadly pollutants on humans to push Obama admin’s agenda

Trey Gowdy Slams IRS Commissioner During Hearing on Targeting Scandal

10 Ways True Feminism is Under Attack

Ex U.S. Treasury Secretary: Bombshell Claim About Russia and 2008 Financial Crisis

Has the Obama Administration Left the Nation Vulnerable to Terrorism?

Rand Paul demands Dems return money raised by ‘sexual predator’ Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s war on women

The Slow Death of Credit Cards

Student Loan Debt Owed to Federal Government Up 463% Under Obama

Poll: 61% of Uninsured Don’t Know Obamacare Deadline, 50% Won’t Sign Up

Planned Parenthood Pres: When Life Begins Not ‘Really Relevant’ in Abortion Debate

People Not In Labor Force Soar To Record 91.8 Million

Palin Slams Liberals for Treating Women Voters like ‘Cheap Dates’

New study says threat of man-made global warming greatly exaggerated

Professor Calls For Climate Change ‘Deniers’ To Be Imprisoned

Federal Debt Up $7K Per Household Since End of Shutdown

EPA Using Satellites, Drones to Fine, Bankrupt Citizens

Former Top Biden Adviser Endorses Famous Marxist Tenet

CA Democrat Indicted for Arms Trafficking After Supporting Weapons Ban

New Yorkers Burn Gun Registration Forms In Protest

Obama Is Not That Bright

Freedom, not climate, is at risk

More Scientists Debunking Climate Change Myths

Muslims conduct ‘human sacrifice’ on video

Israel’s defense chief says U.S. projecting weakness

It’s Not Just the Obama Administration Flouting the Law, So Is the Fed

New Jersey residents fleeing high tax burdens in the state


New Emails Point to IRS Officials Targeting Political Groups

The Top 5 Bogus Public Health Scares

Study: Obamacare Medical Device Tax Killed 33,000 Jobs

Families of 9/11 Victims Are ‘Ecstatic’ They Can Finally Sue Saudi Arabia

Man faces $75,000 a day in EPA fines for building pond on his property

Feds pick Obama supporter to lead probe into IRS tea party targeting

More Libertarians Than Greens In California!

ObamaCare Policy Myths

California gun store owner refuses to hand over customer list

Companies Flee High U.S. Taxation

ABC, CBS Exclude Scientists Critical of Global Warming for More Than 1,300 Days

How computer-generated fake papers are flooding academia

Hollywood Continues to Flee California at Alarming Rate

UCSB Feminist Studies Professor Assaults Teenage Prolife Demonstrator

Why Liberals Can’t Govern

Lawsuit: Facebook Reading Private Messages

No Real Scientific Evidence Background Checks Reduce Crime

Krauthammer hammers Obama on Russia

Lois Lerner fears for her life

Something Rotten in the State of Science

In Defense of Income Inequality

In Defense of Inequality

ObamaCare Policy Myths

Prove it: Bank blocking some customers from making large withdrawals

Girl Scouts Boycotted Over Ties to Brutal Abortionists

Gates Foundation Launches Giant Database on School Children

Don’t Let the IRS Silence You

Brazil, Europe plan undersea cable to skirt U.S. spying

Where are the Global Warmists for Freedom?

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Meets Obama in White House

40,000 new laws take effect in 2014

Hollywood Heist: Subsidies to the entertainment industry continue to fleece taxpayers

Identified! ‘Major cause of climate change’

Isn’t “climate change” as an excuse for the current weather getting really worn out?

The War On Men: 10 Ways Masculinity is Under Attack

Rubio Testifies on Obamacare: High ‘Risk of a Bailout’

Romain Hatchuel: The Coming Global Wealth Tax

Poverty level under Obama breaks 50-year record

Poll: Only 79% of Obama voters would vote for him again

Panelist at Podesta Think Tank on Common Core: ‘The Children Belong to All of Us’


ObamaCore: The Nationalization of K-12 Education

Obamacare ‘Deductible’ Shock–Just 14% Understand Insurance Lingo

Loan Monitor Is Accused of Ruthless Tactics on Student Debt

Saudi and al-Aulaqi Connections to 9/11 Attacks

Fourth Georgia hospital closes due to Obamacare payment cuts

Obama Warned of Danger from High Temperatures in November

Obama Pollster Gaffe: Income Inequality ‘A Bit Overhyped’

IRS Demands Businesses Show “Bonafide Reasons” for Layoffs