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My previous blog-posts explains a mosaic of problems with modRNA and the fact that all vaccines (except chinese Sinovac) are not classic, but gene-therapy. We know today that S-spike is a vascular toxin. (meanwhile produced by vax, inside you) That causes the blood-complications in severe cases (coz lungs are the most vascularized organs). And blood-clots by vaccinated.

Nobody created an N-(nucleocapsid) vaccine…They all focused on the WRONG S-protein a Cambridge study reveals. We make the most antigens to N- nucleocapsid protein not the S-spike protein. The best GMO vax would be an N-spike made in vitro by CFPS. But S-protein was the sole chimera made in the GMO lab, then inserted (with a new “bootloader”) into a corona virus. And via GMO-vax, only this part is inside you… today. Get the picture? Because te RT-PCR s fake we don’t know if the GMO-virus was indeed released or it will be… next.

From the four proteins the most antigens are made by N-nucleocapside. No vaccine used that! The question is: why all focused ONLY on S-spike?


It was ALWAYS about the GMO S-spike, not the virus!! This is the poison (both vascular and prionic). The GMO-virus was only a spreading-agent… the smoke-screen with 99% surviving rate. This S-spike gain-of-function chimera was first invented by Ralph Baric in 2015! The research continued in USA until it was interdicted. Then, Fauci moved & funded that research in Wuhan/China. PCR inventor Kary Mullis dies by a “covid-like” pneumonia in advance, 2019…(just in time for the fake Drosten RT-PCR) The boss of chinese microbiology, George Gao, participated at Event 201/John-Hopkins – the fatal, Gates-funded simulation. Then, the military games in Wuhan… You connect the dots… The fatal error of medics was to apply the same treatment-conjecture to a GMO, like for natural patogens…


But there is more in the bag: the modRNA produced S-spike protein is NOT QUITE THE SAME as in SARS-COV-2. And here is why.>>> 

Please check first my previous articles which point the main trouble with modRNA > the produced protein is identical as chemistry but misshaped in 3D. Chiral-mirrored or “stereoisomer”. That’s called a misfolded protein. This is caused by 3777 code-modifications (from about 5500) between the original S-spike and the Pfizer code. (I counted that myself with a comparative-code software: check prev. posts) The code has genetic-synonyms of the original bricks but that yelds a misfolded final result even if the chemical formula is identical.

Check the original code MN908947 against Pfizer (publicated): 3777 sinonyms>

Besides, and most important, is the replacement of one of the fundamental RNA bricks U (uracyl) with Ψ (pseudouridyne). It’s replaced 100%. In the body Ψ occurs under 1%! This is an ISOMER of Uracyl – component rotated at 180 degrees . Ψ is a secondary nucleoside not (universal) RNA nucleobase. This is key. Why? Because Uracyl is the difference between DNA and RNA. DNA has thymine (T) instead U. So U is a key-brick.

All this have as result: the in-vivo produced S-protein is misshaped  (misfolded) 

CHIRALITY. Just as the 2 hands are identical but mirrored so are the molecules. Only the space-orientation is different, whereas chemistry formula is IDENTICAL.


That’s a tremendous issue! And also the key. Because life reacts incredibly at chirality! (and you will see soon why it’s angular in this SPECIAL case) Same substance with different isomerism/geometry can be either neutral like water, or a poison for life. Truly. Life itself produce exact chirality, in precise, inequal amounts, which is impossible to do in a lab in lack of natural bio-precursors.

Example : I worked for a top producer of synthetic fragrances. The chemically produced essential oils have racemic 50-50% isomers. They cannot be used as medicine, are neutral: only fragrance (and all smell a bit like soap…) . But the same formula produced by plants have a precise asymmetrical chirality: 20-80%, 40-60% etc. Thus are active as medication.

This is a mystery of life and only 4D quaternions can “rotate” a chiral component to be as in the mirror. But we live in 3D…. What you must know is that usually, the engineers ignore that fundamental 3D stereo issue…. I explained that in the first and second blog. 


The body-produced protein by modRNA , is MISFOLDED – even if the chemistry remains the same. The antibody test can confirm the same chemistry, but the geometry is mirrored. Some misfolded proteins (stereoisomers ) are known as PRIONS triggering brain-degenerative diseases. Here is the issue Luc Montaigner speaks about! 

At first I presumed (together with M. Yeadon, Sucharit Bhakdi, D. Cahill ) this misfolded protein will trigger only ADE response when they release a new virus. And by ADE, the body overreaction will kill. I pointed correctly the key-issue (the misfolding) but missed the attack mechanism.  Luc Montaigner learned me different > it might be about prions. Misshaped proteins triggering “mad-cow syndrome” or similar. That’s the perfect delay weapon.The perfect and the ONLY with such a delay, precisely known: 3-4 years. 

What Luc Montaigner TEXTUALLY said: “There are sequences that resemble PRION sequences in the RNA of Coronavirus. These prions could DISORDER the natural protein in the brain, modifying them to make prions”. This statement is huge! Especially if coupled with the modified geometry by modRNA vaccine (as I demonstrated). Luc Montaigner is a Nobel-Prize recipient and world-famous microbiologist. A top authoritative voice in this field.

. The TV statement of Luc Montaigner. Follow the subtitles!! Videolink on Twitter: bit.ly/3ilU5Fl

A second statement of Luc Montaigner on TV. “My CONSCIENCE tells me not to be vaccinated” Videolink on Twitter: bit.ly/3poCBJU + pic.twitter.com/AtGaK22GNv

Normally shaped prions does not cause disease and resides on the surface of many cell types esp. nervous system. In nerves they act as memory. PRNP (prion protein sequence) coded CD230 has multple isoforms. That is: the geometry, chirality is changed (the issue I told-about !!!). PrP messenger RNA contains a pseudoknot structure (prion pseudoknot), which is involved in regulation of PrP protein translation (= production via mRNA). 


YES, it’s about mRNA! The stuff in Pfizer or Moderna. PrPSc is a conformational isoform of PrPC and can cause such misshapes, hence brain-degenerative diseases! If the modRNA hides a tiny-tiny misshaped code you get that fatal disease. And the code IS misshaped as I pointed. Zombie-disease! You can get-it via the RNA -“inside production of protein” (what the vax does) or can be used as already misshaped prion-proteins, produced in the bottle (in vitro).. or spread by the vaxxed. The misshaped prions are contagious. 

 Prion = ‘proteinaceous infectious particle’. Is the unique case when a protein causes a contagious infection and that is made by the flipping of his structure. That is: isomer – my hypotheis in modRNA vax. Prions appear to remain infectious even after being exposed to treatments that destroy nucleic acids. Here an American Scientific article citing the best experts. It shows both paths: by infectious proteins and production by mRNA translation.


And the key of S-spike is that: “The spike protein outer shell of the coronavirus contains prion-like regionsthat give the virus very high adhesion to ACE2 receptors in the human body.” This has been documented by a study entitled, “SARS-CoV-2 Prion-Like Domains in Spike Proteins Enable Higher Affinity to ACE2,” published by the Human Microbiology Institute. – hmi-us.com ACE receptors reside on brain-cells too.

“Compared with other viruses, a striking difference was observed in the distribution of prion-like domains in the spike protein, since SARS-CoV-2 was the only coronavirus with a prion-like domain found in the receptor-binding domain of the S1 region of the spike protein.”

“No other even closely-related betacoronaviruses have such prion-like structures in their spike proteins,” Dr George Tetz – Human Microbiology Institute (a key Forbes article)

He added: “The presence of prion-like domains for the first time allows us to implement an anti-prion strategy (???) …. Hopefully we can bring totally new drugs that are right now completely off the radar of scientists.” In plain english: no treatment exist for prions!! That’s the KNOWN reality.

Five of seven molecular interactions between amino acids in SARS-CoV-2’s spike and ACE2 (your body receptors) occur within prion-like domains! 

The vax-produced stuff travels the bloodstream to organs, including brain beyond BBB.

S-binding domain with binding structures at the surface (red) — S1 REGIONS are pointed , where PRIONS rests according to the study. The grey surface forms a carbohydrate shield (basically sugars). The prions domain in S-spike binds to ACE2 receptors which are present IN THE BRAN too.!


Thus, Luc Montaigner has all reasons to be against this pseudo-vaccine… Check prions and PRNP on Wikipedia.

Prions can be weaponized, that’s known. They have a 100% fatality rate. They cannot be used as tactical bio-warfare agents, coz they act too slow, in 3-4 years. But for a very delayed, strategic, hidden attack (such as with pseudo-“vaccines”) those prions are PERFECT. In “Satan’s bag” there is nothing soo perfect for a 3-4 years delayed attack, with 100% mortality rate, 100% contagious, and having no cure.

A mRNA “vaccine” is ideal for a prionic bio-warfare attack. Both substances, RNA + induced protein, vanish soon (max. 2-3 weeks) in the body. We have no test for their stereo-folding in vivo. Only antigens remain in the subject, which are in this case misleading – they tell nothing about chirality.

If they would use directly a “prionic” protein made in vitro as vax, that could be analysed and exposed as prion! That’s why all “vaccines” are producing the protein in VIVO (inside you) and not in VITRO (in a chem bottle) . You shall know that the protein could be made well in vitro (in the reactor) then injected. That’s called CFPS. But so, the terminal prionic agent would be spotted in labs! And exposed as weapon.

Thus, hidden as modRNA precursor, is practically impossible to be spotted. Also by different LOTS, you can add the fatal PrPSc sequence or NOT… selective jab-weapon. Officials, 33-masons, key-military (subs, nukes, etc) can be spared. Whole “special” countries/areas/families can be spared… And the lots are not analysed by the worldwide political-masonic leaders… The vaccine lots are military-guarded. That’s why military are charged with the “vaccination”. They obey 100% the non-disclosure order. You cannot buy a bottle from drug-shop, then analyse… as with real vaccines. Officials are deeply involved in this vaccine-bioterrorism; else the injection-hysteria for a 99,9% surviving rate virus would be insane, also the fierce censorship on FB or TW. It’s a well-directed theater-piece at worldwide scale, were you are manipulated into the needle

I dismiss any “mistake”. At that level of science & expertise, there are no such primitive “mistakes”. Any top biochemist knows about prions, more than I do. If it’s prionic, was made on purpose. By Pfizer, Moderna and any other modRNA versions. Pfizer is known as a criminal enterprise, with the most fines in the pharmaceutic history.. (check my prev. posts) No idea what about the GMO-adenovirus jab, as Sputnik and Oxford AZ.  Again: why all made an S-spike in-vivo, and not an N-spike GMO in-vitro CFPS vax?

The mass-vaccine accelerates the zombie disease AT ONCE in the whole population. The S-spike was the poison from the beginning (Ralph B. + Wuhan). And the vaccine reaches a critical mass of prions in the environment…

The more are jabbed the more the state will let people free, to catch/spread prions. Until 2025, planned SPARS . In 2017, Johns Hopkins published “The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028”, a report about a communications drill for a vaccine that “accidentally” caused spongiform encephalopathy aka “Mad Cow” prion disease.

The american CDC has both a site on prions and one about… zombie apocalypse. Meet the Counter-Zombie Dominance Plan, or “CONPLAN 8888-11 / U.S. Department of Defense! That’s no “fake news”. Was made in 2011

Cannibalism: once the food-chains are broken, cannibalism arise (like in Holodomor or Africa, Kuru prion disease) because of the sheer HUNGER. Another point as in movies…

Pfizer has been fined over $4.7 billion since 2000 for false claims acts, off-label or unapproved promotion, Foreign corrupt practices, with over $103M for “drug or medical equip safety violations” & over $34M for “kickbacks & bribery.”

This is the schedue of HUMANITY for the next 7 years.


What makes prions the ‘zombie protein’? – Big Think

All prion diseases are “zombie-like”. [CWD is called “zombie deer disease”..] Coz they attack the nervous structures. Mainly brain + brain-root (where they stick that “wire-in-the-nose” / my-ass test…) By extension, prions attack also the “heart mini-brain“. Some experts conjecture, that mini-brain inside heart being the seat of your “soul”. Has the strongest magnetism in the whole body… (Remember how the vaxxed spot is magnetic?? Do the math..) If the heart-brain is attacked by prions you lose your soul, hence you get “zombie” not only mad.

Prions are CONTAGIOUS. Once a good part of the population is vaxxed, they will spread prions and infect the others. Your only chance to escape is to flee in the forests or on a boat… Rothschild ordered a fleet of “sea-cities” in 2019… The big urban land-areas will be transformed in zombie-areas just as in Hollywood movies. Millions unable to think & feel! Zombie; after 2025. Economic collapse. Hence probably the cities have to be nuked or full-coverage bombarded… to stop the spreading (and also burn the shredded prions which can remain in the soil ++2 years…). That’s why the populace disarming. [the neoliberal politics of “safety” is only a smoke-screen] Else, in 4 years, you get an army of weaponized zombies (take the gun and forget why..) Pre-nuking, the urban areas will be closed by artillery. …etc. 2020-21 was only an exercise.

Pentagon’s zombie apocalypse ‘CONOP 8888’ guide outlined

Pentagon document lays out battle plan against zombies

Curiously the treatises on “nukes control” left only about 3500 nukes active (cca 7000, keeping 1/2 reserve), enough just for those great urban agglomerations. 2500 nukes were tested in the last 70 years with no spotted impact on the environment…. Besides they have the so-called “rods from God” = gravitational bombing form space, with a nuke- similar effect but 100% “eco”. Rev 16 >-the “hailstones”. 

Add to the injected jab the self-spreading vaccines (in fact full viruses rebranded as vaccines, funded by Gates and ready to be spread…) and the Gates+Darpa GMO mosquito . Mosquito reaches the blood stream and can spread prions or parasites

Newly, the father of mRNA tech Luigi Warren, was banned from Twitter. Just because he stated – the vaxxed can spread the produced proteins! Those “shredded proteins” can be prions spreading the zombie-disease. And that’s the TRUTH. That’s why they wiped this statement! Coz in ANY OTHER scenario, except prions, spreading of tiny amounts of proteins DO NOTHING BAD. For sure, 100%. It’s the perfect confirmation…. Another tip is the fact that Japan interdicted any blood-transfusions from “vaccinated”… Germany passed a law which allows vaccinated to transmit bio-particles to other people, with no prosecution (it’s indemnification, as for vaccine producers)


Delay and resilience: prions resist at very high temperatures. You need 480 °C (900 °F) to reliably destroy prions. ( like silicone rubber!) Disinfection is extremely hard – not the usual pats (in restaurants, dentist, hospitals, transfusions, WC, floors, etc, they remain) For disinfection I would use autoclave in thiosulfate or metabisulfite .. quite uncommon. No mask can help -you know that.. The incubation time depends on their nature (the exact disease) – periods ranging from 16 months to four years. Prions may remain infectious in soil for at least two years but likely longer. The sole “good news”: they must reach first your bloodstream to catch you. Any skin scratch can be “infectious”. Just as in any Dracula (bats virus..) or zombie movie…


The INCUBATION of prion diseases [2-4 years] corresponds to the “end of Pfizer clinical tests” in 2023. When it’s too late > everyone will get the disease either by vaccine or by the contact with vaccinated.  

If we count the maximal delay of some natural prions which is about 4 years, we get 2021 > 2025. Exactly the next plandemics – SPARS 2025-28, planned by the same John Hopkins which simulated Covid in 2019! You cannot plan a “natural epidemics”. It will be the outbreak of prions, spread by the vaccinated in the meantime [2022-2024]. No matter what officials invent as explanation (mutated Covid strain… my-ass), that will be. This time for real.

Luc Montaigner gives the same timespan (speaking about prions effects from mRNA vaccine): 5-10 years. The same as SPARS simulation.

The incubation period (at social scale) corresponds also to the 3,5 years “tribulations”, as told by Bible. After 3,5 years of state-forced inoculation, the mass-scale outbreak begins.

We cannot “undo” that situation in 2021. The shit is in the bag; sheep took the vax.

Prions: that’s the “harvest sickle” in Rev 14:14-18… A 2000 years old plan? Did ancients like Galen or Hippocrates, or maybe occult alchemists knew prion diseases? Course they did! It’s not a new. They could knew by simple “clinical experience”. 4k years old Ayurveda was precisely aware about prion diseases. As much as they knew tetracycline 3500 years ago in Egypt/Nubia. As much as they knew the programmable, mechanical computer for census [Rev 13:17] because it was invented by Heron, a contemporary with John of Patmos.. Or nukes (Sodom-Gomorrah + Mahabharatha)

After 2025 you will be “on yourself”, with no “civilization” goodies, in a chaotic world… And you will need guns to defend yourself from vaxxed, military… or from yourself.


A mis-folded protein produce isomer-antibodies, not original S-spike antibodies. But the ImG test tell the same coz same chemistry. That’s why some jabbed makes Covid . There is not “a new more potent strain”. They CANNOT differentiate strains with RT-PCR scam and full genome sequencing (with proper PCR ) was not made… Even less his stereochem. analysis… In vivo? QED. They cover the fact you got a jab for nothing besides …mad-cow-syndrome aka “zombie” in 3-4 years. 


CURE: there is no cure for prions, not for the case of a mass-outbreak & average citizens. Only experimental GMO (antisense oligonucleotides), lab therapies (polythiophenes, quinacrine, polisulphates). Quinine related substances like HCQ delay the prions disease. All of them only prolonge a while the life Unused by mainstream… too expensive for masses.

For sure there must be a secret cure ( GMO imnunity gene!, SGI-1027? carbon quantum dots? ), because the first rule of biowarfare is to have the antidote. So the elite has at least 3 cures. Inaccessible to average. One of them (immunity gene PrP V127) would work as vaccine! Giving immunity for a large pallete of prions. Especially if the original prions code was borrowed from yeasts or fungi and they know the source of the GMO S-spike prions domain. That’s why officials posed publicly with their vaccination??? I said to you: the bottle content can be changed by lots! PRP gene V127 was discovered in 2015 the same years R. Baric created the S-spike….

That cure must be taken in advance, before the brain is eaten. If you catch that shit with no cure, you must shot yourself before the brain is eaten. Else you die as zombie…

As no widely usable cure exists for prions, maybe you understand why some speculated: “There is no hope and no possible treatment for those who have already been vaccinated.” Course that’s valid somehow for ADE too…but not soo radical. In contrast, prions are fatal 100%.

Montaigner explained both hypotheses: ADE and prions.  Other top scientists tell the same: big trouble after 2-3 years… coz ADE. (meanwhile I discard that as a smoke-screen too)


“Prions are misfolded proteins (stereoisomers as said..) with the ability to transmit their misfolded shape onto normal variants of the same protein.”  Prions are a unique form of disease NOT necessary caused by some pathogens RNA-DNA – but by simple mis-shaped proteins, landing in your bloodstream, beyond BBB. When a prion land in the neighborhood of normal (brain) proteins they determine the healthy protein to transform itself into a misshaped one.. and so forth: chain-reaction. A proof proteins can do something like genes: replication and inheritance! Yes: “nonchromosomal genes composed of protein” It’s a pure chiral mechanism.

You can consider prions a “contagious isomeric poison”. They have no genetic code inside. Only the shape /chirality is changed and that triggers a slow chain reaction. Maybe a secret chiral catalyst, mediate the clumping. The disulfide bond of prions may transmit stereochemical information to neigbours. Maybe that’s why some suphur compounds ameliorate a prion-disease. Here might be the key for a “secret cure”.

A “dummies” explanation is this: the misshaped protein is more STABLE structurally, but also non-living. Like tanned leather… The more stable, fatal, misshaped protein, tan the neighbours… (this can be accelerated by some metals such as aluminium or mercury – check the Alzheimer by classic-vax) They reorganize in clumps. The brain- tissue becomes a “sponge” & shrink. Remember that brain-tissue develops from epithelial (hence skin/leather..) Anorganic tanning of leather is an oxidative polymer-crosslinking of proteic chains in leather…A denaturation The crosslinking is made by oxidative metal radicals such as aluminium from alum and  polyphenols (tannin) . The result is incredibly stable. Chirality changes. Something similar is here. As some metals accelerate the brain-“tanning” via prions, you get the reason of “chemtrails” which contain basically heavy metals and aluminium… The biochemistry path is much more complex, studied for Alzheimer .

We are humans only because of the tiny-tiny correct shaped prions in our brains (head +hearth) In lack of them we are NOTHING. Less than worms. And they live ONLY because of the correct chirality…. Back to the initial statement: to rotate a mirrored molecule you need higher dimensions. Get the idea? Primitive materialists… think they are the place of memory. What if the memory reside in higher dimensions spiritual/energetic (in the “cloud”), and correct prions are only tiny antennae… ???

As for the GMO S-spike prions-domain I suppose was copied/studied/inspired from yeasts prions. The lethal versions of yeast prions [PSI+] were discovered recently, in 2011. 4 years before Ralph Baric made the S-protein chimera.. CRISPR kit allows a wide experimentation with yeasts: anyone could buy in the last 10 years a yeasts CRISPR kit… it’s free (why?). The outside of the GMO S-protein complex  forms a carbohydrate shield (sugars) and there on the S-protein shell are the prions-like structures! There are the receptor-binding domains. Yeasts+sugars fit together. (a yeast for the human “wheat” in Rev. 6:6?…666) Check fungal prions. Once you know this, you can imagine a secret cure too (PrP V127 – discovered jun 2015)

“Yeast and fungal prions are units of inheritance (i.e., genes) transmitting traits or diseases, much as DNA genes can determine phenotypes or inherited disorders.” [link]

Proteins are NOT always harmless. Poisonous proteins, besides enzymes and peptides, are contained for example in the snake-venom. Those are the “harmless” produced proteins by Moderna+Pfizer modRNA… That’s why they are indemnified!


In this paradigm there is no necessity to add reverse transcriptase enzymes to modRNA in order to “change DNA”. The mechanism is straight in the mRNA “vaccine”> modRNA with PrPSc-like pseudoknote sequence – > misshaped prions produced by YOUR ribosome => zombie, delayed 3-4 years -> shredded prions by the vaccinated, infect the others. 

As the injection-area becomes “magnetic” (tested with neodym on countless vaxxed people) we might conjecture a “magnetic protein“. (and isomerism has a lot to do with magnetism..) This could by activated by a HEMP pulse or simply by 5G… It’s an exotic scenario. But with the same result…


To travel in other countries you are forced either to take the jab, or to make the “wire-in-the-nose” pseudo-test. Which is proven 97% erroneous (check my previous posts). Prions attack preferentially the brain. And the stab is pushed against sella-turcica at the root of the brain. It produce micro-lesions hence an agent reaches the brain straight-away, crossing BBB. Get the picture? Stabs can be coated either direct with prion-proteins  or with a bit modRNA bearing the fatal PrPSc sequence . Hence both absurd, compulsory aspects (and clearly state-enforced) are prone to be weaponized by this Covid conspiracy… Most stabs are produced in China. Do you trust China today? 

Georgia Guidestones…


There will be no “4th Industrial Revolution”. No “cyborgs”. That’s a smoke-screen. It will be ZOMBIE-APOCALYPSE/Rev 16+18 – they had the scenario at Hollywood, loong ago! Only waited that biotech (pharmakeia/pharmakon – Revelation) can transpose this bio-weapon into reality. After 2025, they will tell you SARS mutated in SPARS. Nope. It will be the prions injected as mRNA after the known incubation of 3,5-4 years. The new crypto-money, on QFS coupled with a Covid-pass are only a mean to fully control the vaxxed movement, and protcct bankers and officials when chaos gets serious, in cca 4 years.(there is another reason for crypto & 5G, even more surrealistic, but I will not disclose that -has something todo with …CERN/LHC where www was invented in 1989)

What robots will do is to make the usual labour …in prions + nukes contaminated areas, for cca 5-10 years. That’s the reason for the robots race…

Destruction of humanity. Rev 18 – the fall of Babylon. The punishment of major sins is death… and todays world sincerely… is full of sins. If you ever wondered how former civilizations dissappeared that’s how: charagma snake-byte by modRNA. And PRIONS. Because of an occult, GMO/pharmakon made, 99,9% surviving rate virus, they accepted CHARAGMA with PRIONS mRNA/PrPSc.

99,9% surviving rate virus! Get that deep into your brain (if not already sponged..) Matthew 16:25 + Luke 17:33: “Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.” – JESUS

What follows? The thousand years of the Lord – precessional Aquarius. A minimal amount of humans on earth: few youngs, and the key-leaders-33. As the Georgia Guidestones tell us. Period.

Lambano” is the word used in Apocalypse original. In Koine it means “free or active accepting” (charagma – Rev 13:16-18 ). That’s the free accepting of the pseudo-vax. As the vaccine is already inside millions we can only save our souls (maybe…..) and NOTHING ELSE.


A short fazit:

  • • prions which are basically misfolded proteins can trigger a zombie-like disease similar to Alzheimer or mad-cow-syndrome. 
  • • misfolded prions can be produced by tiny mRNA sequences > the stuff in Moderna or Pfizer jabs. There is no need for reverse-transcriptase enzymes. Either direct or by RNA crosslinking they can produce misshaped prions.
  • • prions, simple proteins, are the ONLY proteins which can trigger a disease which is also CONTAGIOUS. All other pathogens are either bacteria or viruses with RNA-DNA. 
  • • the fatality of prion zombie-diseases is 100%. No cure exist. Prions are infectious.
  • the prions can be weaponized either as mRNA (with a PrPSc similar sequence) or as direct prion proteins. Misfolded prions are contagious. 
  • •because the vaxxed produces prion-proteins they will infect others. 
  • • the “incubation” of such a prion-disease is extremely long > 3,5-4 years. A new SPARS outbreak occurs… (SPARS = S..ARS +Prions)
  • accordingly to Luc Montaigner, Nobel recipient, sequences of Covid code contain prion-like mRNA.
  • • the misshape of modRNA produced proteins in vaccinated, cannot be detected by common analysis. 
  • • the tiny fatal sequence can be changed in vaccines by lots. Officials and military can be spared.
  • it is precisely the misfolding the difference between “healthy prions” and “zombie-prions”. The chemistry is same. 
  • all mRNA-shot produced proteins are misfolded, as I demonstrated previously. 
  • thus, if  Covid code contains prions sequences, they will be produced .. MISFOLDED. Back to Montaigner statement. Hence Zombie-disease.
  • •The average prions incubation period of 4 years corresponds perfectly to the SPARS simulation 2025-2028. When everyone will be infected from the vaccinated.

Montaigner or myself are not the only ones which point on prions as the secret weapon hidden inside those mRNA pseudo-vaccines. The internet is full on articles about this issue. Especially this scientific study reveals the mechanisms >

You can search by Duck-Duck-Go “weaponized prions” and you get countless articles about. From scientific papers to conspiracy blogs. Some of them with direct links:


… and so forth… THE END.

he latest results from the phase 3 COVID-19 vaccines trials have been very positive. These have shown that vaccinating people with the gene for SARS-CoV-2 spike protein can induce excellent protective immunity.

The spike protein is the focus of most COVID-19 vaccines as it is the part of the virus that enables it to enter our cells. Virus replication only happens inside cells, so blocking entry prevents more virus being made. If a person has antibodies that can recognize the spike protein, this should stop the virus in its tracks.

The three most advanced vaccines (from Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna) all work by getting our own cells to make copies of the virus spike protein. The Oxford vaccine achieves this by introducing the spike protein gene via a harmless adenovirus vector. The other two vaccines deliver the spike protein gene directly as mRNA wrapped in a nanoparticle. When our own cells make the spike protein, our immune response will recognize it as foreign and start making antibodies and T cells that specifically target it.

However, the SARS-CoV-2 virus is more complicated than just a spike protein. There are, in fact, four different proteins that form the overall structure of the virus particle: spike, envelope (E), membrane (M) and nucleocapsid (N). In a natural infection, our immune system recognizes all of these proteins to varying degrees. So how important are immune responses to these different proteins, and does it matter that the first vaccines will not replicate these?

Parts of the coronavirus, including the N protein. (Credit: OSweetNature/Shutterstock)

Following SARS-CoV-2 infection, researchers have discovered that we actually make the most antibodies to the N protein – not the spike protein. This is the same for many different viruses that also have N proteins. But how N protein antibodies protect us from infection has been a long-standing mystery. This is because N protein is only found inside the virus particle, wrapped around the RNA. Therefore, N protein antibodies cannot block virus entry, will not be measured in neutralization assays that test for this in the lab, and so have largely been overlooked.

New mechanism discovered

Our latest work from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge has revealed a new mechanism for how N protein antibodies can protect against viral disease. We have studied another virus containing an N protein called lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus and shown a surprising role for an unusual antibody receptor called TRIM21.

Whereas antibodies are typically thought to only work outside of cells, TRIM21 is only found inside cells. We have shown that N protein antibodies that get inside cells are recognized by TRIM21, which then shreds the associated N protein. Tiny fragments of N protein are then displayed on the surface of infected cells. T cells recognize these fragments, identify cells as infected, then kill the cell and consequently any virus.

We expect that this newly identified role for N protein antibodies in protecting against virus infection is important for SARS-CoV-2, and work is ongoing to explore this further. This suggests that vaccines that induce N protein antibodies, as well as spike antibodies, could be valuable, as they would stimulate another way by which our immune response can eliminate SARS-CoV-2.

Adding N protein to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines could also be useful because N protein is very similar between different coronaviruses – much more so than the spike protein. This means it’s possible that a protective immune response against SARS-CoV-2 N protein could also offer some protection against other related coronaviruses, such as Mers.

Another potential benefit that may arise from including N protein in SARS-CoV-2 vaccines is due to the low mutation rates seen in the N protein sequence. Some changes to the sequence of SARS-CoV-2 have been reported over the course of this pandemic, with the most significant changes occurring in the spike protein. There is some concern that if the spike sequence alters too much, then new vaccines will be required. This could be similar to the current need for annual updating of influenza vaccines. However, as the N protein sequence is much more stable than the spike, vaccines that include a component targeting the N protein are likely to be effective for longer.

The first wave of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines brings genuine hope that this virus can be controlled by vaccination. From here it will be an ongoing quest to develop even better vaccines and ones that can remain effective in the face of an evolving virus. Future vaccines will probably focus on more than just the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, and the N protein is a promising target to add to the current strategies being considered.


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